Children of the Lion By Peter Danielson

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    DNF for some reason. Children of the Lion 24th book read in 2012.

    Number 74 out of 256 on my all time book list.

    Follow the link below to see my video review: Children of the Lion This Book. Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lives. I read this at least twenty years ago. I really wish. This was in kindle format. Children of the Lion This book begins a vast historical series spanning generations . I originally read it back in the 1980's and continued the series for the next six books then lost the series, when the author had a break. Last year going through my books I found those old paperbacks and wondered if there were more books in the series. I found them used and I think there are 22 of them. I will begin at the beginning to reacquaint myself with the clan again, and continue the remainder of the books.
    Danielson has a beautiful, clean, descriptive writing style easily mixing history, the Bible and fiction! I Love his work. Children of the Lion It was an interesting take on the tribe of Cain and the story of Abraham & Lot. A fun read. Children of the Lion


    Bold men of destiny, marked by the sign of the lion, and women of beauty and courage sprang from nameless oblivion to command the power of kings. A slave since birth...a man without a innocent virgin sacrificed to the lusts of godless men.

    Across the vast, burning expanse between two empires - caravens driven by fate - they forged the weapons of hotblooded conquest and desire. In a great and fabled age of treachery and debauchery, they rose above their searing shame to flee the fiery destruction of Sodom and beget the CHILDREN OF THE LION. Children of the Lion

    This is one of my favorite series. Although it is currently out of print, I remember waiting eagerly for the next installment to be released. I love the historicity of the storytelling, and the characters that are so memorable that I can still remember their actions and interactions, nearly 30 years later. Children of the Lion I first read this book years ago, and recently rediscovered the series. I enjoy the retelling of supernatural oral tradition in a non-supernatural style. This book covers the story of Abraham and Lot, ending with the destruction of Sodom. Children of the Lion Enjoyed this series! Children of the Lion I have every one of the Children of the Lion series except the last book (and I'm still looking for it)! By far Book 1 captures the readers imagination and attention by being fast paced and thought provoking. Danielson mingles fiction with Biblical fact, which is an intriguing and provocative approach to all his books. Granted around the 8th book of the series there is definitely more fiction than fact!
    For those readers who like historical fiction, this series will not disappoint. Children of the Lion It seems I'm on a historical fiction kick. I discovered this title and series from some books I found in a local Salvation Army thrift store. I've managed to run down the entire series locally except for book seventeen The Death of Kings. Anyways, the story was wonderful. The pacing was good with a good measure of action and suspense. There were few 'villains', and their villainy seemed to stem from slavery and the mistreatment of slaves. In fact aside from Sodom, slavery might just be the 'villain'. After all Abram mentions at least twice his distaste for the practice and his intention to end it. The story begins with Abram leaving Egypt with his people to settle in Canaan and ends with the destruction of Sodom in an inferno. Many good and likeable characters die along the way. With an ending you know you wanted all along. Recommended. Children of the Lion