Capsule Craze: The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Own Capsule Wardrobe By Rebecca Ellington

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    Capsule Craze: The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

    Love this book!! Really gets to the nitty gritty of getting your closet in shapehow to always have something to wear. SO helpful!!!! I just lost a lot of weight thanks to a two year hospital stay. Needless to say, when I got home nothing fit!! So I was able to start out very easily, thanks to this book! Shopping is not NEARLY as difficult as it was before! And packing for a trip! SO much easier!!
    The greatest thing is that now I can indulge in shopping at higher end shops. The whole point is Quality over quantity. Histoire naturelle Rebecca's guide is motivating, comprehensive, and surprisingly empowering. While the writing itself is fairly simple and straight forward, she keeps our attention throughout with humor and personal connection, and I found myself thinking Hey, I do that, too! throughout the book. She is rarely condescending in her language, as all too many books in this genre of writing tend to be. She urges us to organize and simplify our wardrobe, while also prioritizing what makes us look—and importantly, feel—our best. In this simplification process, we are able to focus on our goals and life instead of spending our mornings and transitional periods of the day staring at a full closet trying to decide what to wear. She also encourages us to anchor our capsule wardrobes in what makes us feel empowered, beautiful, and ready to attack the day.
    This guide highlights not only the physical aspects of our wardrobe and emphasizes the timelessness of its method, but is also critically relevant to our world and its crises now. Rebecca talks up the impact of lessening your fashion footprint and encourages to shop second hand if able, as well as to shop brands that offer their employees safe and fair working environments, with values that coincide with our own. So, for those of us that may not desire to fully strip down our wardrobe to the fundamentals, we're also offered insight on shopping habits, sustainability, and organization. She also gives the commitment phobes among us the 21 Day Capsule Challenge to ease into this fashion lifestyle, and help us take this next step.
    My only issue with this book was the editing, which could have been thorough. I was occasionally stopped up over a misplaced comma or misspelled word. But otherwise, Rebecca successfully took us by the hand and let us join her in the process behind creating a timeless, sensible, and personal capsule wardrobe. Histoire naturelle The text itself is a quick, comprehensive read of the basics for us, who are stuck in a “jeans, sloppy bun, and sweater slump”, and the “kid friendly capsule” and “capsule over 50” cater to a diverse readership, so I enjoyed the book well enough. It’s really short for us fast readers, but that’s not really a problem, if the book is priced appropriately. Where I started getting miffed were the recycled mood boards (same one used at least twice), and the pictures in my print copy being printed in black and white. I didn’t really mind, until I got to the diagram of recommended color palette, where I was staring at neat rows of various shades of grey labelled as different colors of the rainbow. I’m good with my own color schemes, but this can really hamper someone only depending on this book (I hope they’re few and far between) from achieving a cohesive color scheme. I’d still recommend the book, but might suggest the kindle edition Histoire naturelle Although tbis e book contains a lot of info, I'm disappointed that the only real color in this guide is part of the font on the title page. It doesn't make much sense to show a color chart (p. 36) in grayscale or reference color anywhere. Good pointers on organizing, determining your favorite style, etc. Histoire naturelle This book encourages you to be realistic about what you actually wear and how much you need.
    It includes chapters on the history of capsule wardrobes, how they can benefit you, body shapes and colours, how to take care of your clothes so they last, travel, kid's capsules, year round wardrobes and accessories.

    I love her emphasis on creating a wardrobe that works for you and her encouragement of secondhand/ethical/good quality clothing and buying only what you need.

    She also covers common mistakes people make when buying clothes, and includes a 21 day capsule challenge to try it out.

    This book makes creating a capsule wardrobe simple, and does so in a way that is encouraging and doesn't make you feel like there is only one right way to do it. Histoire naturelle


    One of the main places this book falls down is with it's visual images. To begin with the garment pictures are really tiny and it's difficult to really see what each piece is. Even worse than this, you are presented with a so called colour palette and accent tones, which is all in black and white no colour in this book whatsoever, apart from the front cover. This gives you no idea of what tones to use with which main colour. I couldn't see the point. I know that this is also available as an e book, which I would expect to be in colour, but if it's too expensive to print the book in colour, then don't print it at all.
    The book is pretty much a collection of short tips and provides no really useful advice, in my opinion. I felt as if I had just read a pamphlet rather than a book. I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for real help with what pieces to buy, it's all a bit sketchy. I am left feeling that I have paid for this book under false pretences.
    I don't recommend this book. Histoire naturelle Definitely good for.thought in our fast fashion consumer culture. Great starting point for someone who doesn't know where to start on a capsule closet Histoire naturelle Very succinct booklet outlining how to create a capsule wardrobe. I especially appreciate the section devoted to wardrobe capsule for the over 50 client. Suggestions were appropriate and encourages the reader to try something fun and new. The capsule plans appear to be reasonable and achievable that most anyone can implement. Great new concept in clothing management! Histoire naturelle Waste of money.
    This little ditty book is simplistic and outdated and has been overtaken by relevant, better information online in the form of blogs etc which is available for free.

    Wish I had seen a review like this before I bought so that I could have saved my money.

    Having read the book and browsed the extensive material on the subject available for free online, the book is seriously inferior to the info available for free and is in fact outdated in relation to current thinking. Histoire naturelle This book gives some good, albeit common sense, tips on building a basic wardrobe. I have to agree with others that the pictures are worthless. Color pictures would be much useful. Overall I find it useful and makes for a decent quick reference guide. Histoire naturelle