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    Break Shot Patterns focuses on position and pattern play for the last four balls of a rack of Straight Pool the phase where most players have the most trouble. Capelle analyzes 110 patterns that were played by top pros. The book contains several diagrams for each example, and a companion DVD shows the pros executing the shots. : Break Shot Patterns: How to Close 14.1 Racks Like a ProCapelle, PhilLibri

    The DVD of recorded patterns is excellent, and the graphical representations, along with explanation of alternatives, make this an outstanding straight pool tutorial.I do wish there was an acronym list within, though. Capelle uses several two or three letter abbreviations that I find myself looking up in the first chapter. It would be better if I didn't have to scan text to re find them, but it's not worth taking a star for. Crafts 14.1で中級者になってくると、最後の5つに苦労するでしょう。ブレイクのパターン自体は分かるものの、そこへの組み立て方が独力ではわからない。この本はaccustatsのビデオから様々なパターンのラックの最後の5つを取り出して、トッププロがどのような、組み立てをするのかを説明する本とビデオです。正直、ビデオ見てるだけでも、めちゃ参考になります。星が4つなのは少しお高いのと、この本のターゲットがやや狭い(いわゆる、B級のやや上からあまり14.1に慣れてないA級)のためです。 Crafts 実際にゲーム中でプレーされた配置をDVDで見ながら、なぜそうするのかを解説しています。プレーヤーの好みがありますので最善の方法とは限りませんが、色々な考え方がある事がわかり、興味深いです。 Crafts Not bad the CD could be better though. What pisses me off is they show the pros getting to the end of a rack in straight pool, but THEY DON'T SHOW THEM BREAKING THE NEXT RACK!! What's up with that!! Crafts Look, we can all say there are unlimited ways that ball patterns will emerge when playing 14.1, Straight Pool. And, that would be an accurate statement; of course. What we often overlook is how to strategically recognize those patterns in such a way to guarantee our successful run out of that specific rack! Well, that's all changed with this book.What Phil Capelle has done is nothing short of masterful in his presentation of how to not only recognize these patterns as they emerge (similar patterns emerge often than we realize); but, also, how to understand them, strategize how to make each shot in the pattern, and then fully execute each shot for a successful run out! Absolutely masterful!I'd highly recommend this book to anyone serious about understanding what is arguably the most important part of successfully transitioning from one rack to the next in playing this Game of Games in the Pocket Billiards World! Crafts