Buddhism: Its Doctrines And Its Methods By Alexandra David-Néel

    This author is the first Westerner to penetrate the sacred city of Lhasa in over 200 years. The text includes a description of the Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Guatama, the theory of Interdependent Origins, and other concepts of Buddhism. Buddhism: Its Doctrines And Its Methods


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    Alexandra David-Neel was born in Paris in 1868, the only child of Louis Pierre David, who fled to exile with his friend Victor Hugo after Louis Napoleon's rightist coup in 1851. At 18, Alexandra walked across the Alps to Italy. In the 1880s she rode a bicycle from Brussels to Spain. In her early twenties, she made her first journey East, through Ceylon and India, until her money ran out and she was forced to return to France and support herself as an opera singer. At the age of 35 she was married. Five days after the wedding, the marriage dissolved. In 1912, the Dalai Lama granted David-Neel the first private interview ever given to a Western woman. From then on she plunged deeper into Tibetan mysticism, trekking across snow-covered mountains for weeks at a time to reach isolated temples and teacher. Finally, in 1924, she penetrated Lhasa, the Forbidden City of Tibet, and witnessed the strange rituals of Lamaism. Her more than 20 books provide one of the best records of a culture now threatened by extinction. She ended her days in a Tibetan-style house she built in the Basses-Alps. She died in 1969, at the age of 100.

    ...how can you not want to read what she has to say? English J'ai beaucoup de mal avec le style de David Néel, mais, comme pour beaucoup de Français, ce fut une de mes premières lectures consacrées au Bouddhisme. English Selon moi un classique sur le sujet qu'il faut absolument lire, car Alexandre Davi Neel nous mets en comparaison l'enseignement du Buddha avec son époque c'est qui est très intéressant pour nous aujourd'hui English