Bluebella By Linda Purdy


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    It was getting darker very quickly. Knowing it was still a full day's journey before she could reach her home in Snowcreek, Bluebella knew that she had to find shelter before the moon rose in the night sky. She leaped over rocks and fallen branches as quickly as she possibly could. Oh, how I wish I had wings, she murmured more to herself than to the tiny creature she held in the wooden cage.

    Follow Bluebella in her great adventure as she proves to the rest of the Moufies that being smaller and different doesn't make you any less courageous. Bluebella

    What a fantastic tale! A village full of Mouffies, a main character so small but with the bravery of a giant, owls and more... Should be made into a children's movie! 1927815096 I won this book from a goodreads giveaway (thank you!). Very interesting action-packed fantasy story. Great for imagining the setting and characters- the Mouffies seem so cute. Bluebella is a great role model for young readers. This will be a good addition to my middle school class library! 1927815096 Some books become classics and this will be one of them. It is a tale for children, 8 to 12 years of age, that will stay with them for ever. A small character full of courage, inner strength and kindness who is not afraid to follow her instincs. 1927815096