Big Sky Bachelor (Montana Hearts #2) By Lesley Ann McDaniel

    I’ve read a lot of Heartsong Presents books in my time, and I have to say that this is one of my absolute favorites!
    I totally adore Janessa and Micah.
    I love to encounter a sort of stubborn character like Janessa in fiction, it makes for a fun reading experience.
    The author tackled some really deeper issues in this book that really touched me, very insightful!
    And the ending….ahhh, you don’t want to miss it!!!
    192 Janessa Green wants to escape Thornton Springs and go to culinary school. Micah Brody wants to escape his fame and fortune as a champion on the rodeo circuit and simply have a normal life. And when these two square off, sparks fly.

    Once again, McDaniel takes us on a fun journey with relatable characters and wonderful writing that will pull you into the story and not let you go until you've turned the last page. Her sense of humor shines through and the gentle message is woven intrinsically throughout.

    Take some time out to escape with these two, you'll be glad you did! 192 Big Sky Bachelor was my favorite book by Lesley Ann McDaniel so far! The main characters Janessa and Micah captivated me right off the bat with Janessa’s head strong determination to get out of Thornton Springs and pursue a cooking career while avoiding distractions in the form of romance while Micah struggles to sort out his feelings about his father, career and faith. This book has many insights that readers can relate to like loss of a loved one, pursuing dreams, encountering obstacles and figuring out where you are meant to be. All this is explored while at the same time providing an entertaining story full of humor, romance and spirituality. 192

    Great follow up on Lights, Cowboy, Action!
    There are stories and there are well told stories. This one is well told. From the very beginning of this book, the well crafted characters of Janessa and Micah pulled me into this story. Each had something driving them. Janessa was heading full steam to culinary school in Seattle. Micah was heading as far away from his successful rodeo career as he could get. The collision of these two delightful people threw them both off course and we get to go along for a very bumpy ride. It seems that suddenly neither one can really form complete, coherent sentences without saying something they don't really want to say. Pick up this book and come along. The story is told in a rich and satisfying way and once engaged, you will have trouble putting it down. 192 What a great story! The end of his career, led him down a path to find himself, which also led him to find his heart's match and also the next phase of what God wanted to do with his life ~ but first he had to deal with a lot of unresolved issues from his past with his father, and in the Lord's doing that, He not only healed the relationship with his father bu restored it to what to a beautiful relationship and cleared up a lot of misunderstandings in the process. It's amazing to see that although the Lord gives us the desires of our hearts, it may be in a way that we absolutely DID NOT expect, and sometimes the Lord leads us in a totally different direction and along a different path for our lives than the one we'd originally planned. When the Lord closes one door, He opens one even better for us. 192 For Janessa the grass does look a lot greener on the other side of the fence. She wants out of her hometown, and wants to go to school in Seattle. Every cent she earns is being put aside towards that goal.
    Micah Brody is in a way running from his past. He ends up working for Janessa's brother Adam, on the family ranch! Sparks fly, but he has had his fill of groupies from his Rodeo career. Can any kind of a relationship be forged between these two?
    There are many human challenges here, such as, forgiving you Father, accepting that your Mom has moved on and is dating, and more. Don't miss this sweet and very quick read.

    I received this book through First Wild Card Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review. 192 Wit and wisdom shine through in this feel-good tale of love gone right. If you're looking for a happy ending, there's one in the pages of Big Sky Bachelor, book two in the Montana Hearts series by newcomer Lesley Ann McDaniel.

    All Janessa Greene wants is to attend a prestigious cooking school in Seattle not find love in her Montana home town. Why then is it so hard to ignore Micah, a handsome cowboy with a mysterious past?

    Like Lights, Cowboy, Action, the first novel in this series, Big Sky Bachelor entertains while it delivers something of substance. This book contrasts the value of home and family with the inevitable choices of having a wider dream. These are tough waters to navigate, but the author manages her craft with finesse. While the story contains romantic tension, this is a clean romance that focuses on love over lust.

    I recommend Big Sky Bachelor for readers who enjoy an inspirational sweet romance. This book is teen approved because of its wholesome portrayal of romantic love.

    Reviewed by Janalyn Voigt, author of Dawnsinger 192 Janessa Greene just wants to get out of small town America. A trip to Le Cordon Bleu chef school is her ticket out. Only the letter of acceptance doesn't seem to be finding its way to her. She's working hard to make her dreams come true.

    Micah Brody has spent most of his life trying to please his father and never succeeding. Now he's trying to make a life for himself. His rodeo days are over. Micah hires on at the Bar-G, the Greene family ranch, and though he can't seem to say anything right to Janessa, eventually she sees that he's a good guy and not the self-centered guy she first thought him to be. Together they learn to trust God with his plan for them, together or apart.

    I really enjoyed this fast moving story. 192



    All she's ever wanted is to attend cooking school in Seattle. But when a big-shot rodeo rider comes to work on her family's Montana ranch, Janessa's determined not to let the cowboy distract her from her goal—no matter how charming he is. 

    Micah was a rodeo star, but he's been trampled by one bull too many. While he's deciding his next move, he gets sidetracked by a pretty cowgirl who's headed out of town. Can Micah convince her to take a chance on a cowboy ready to put down roots? Big Sky Bachelor (Montana Hearts #2)

    Summary Big Sky Bachelor (Montana Hearts #2)