Cyberman: Telos (Cyberman, No. 1.4) By Nicholas Briggs

    This is a full-cast original audio play featuring the popular Doctor Who enemies the Cybermen.


    The Earth's government is under Cyber control. The only hope for civilisation is that androids and humans can work together. But the Cybermen intend to activate their Master Hibernation Vault on Telos, releasing billions of Cybermen... Cyberman: Telos (Cyberman, No. 1.4)

    I cannot give individual rating, so a complete review is going to be equal to the four parts of this audiobook.

    This is a new type of audiobook for me. First of all, the correct term is AudioDrama (very similar to Black Library - or they are similar to these ones).

    In the beginning you are inducted into the story in the thick of a battle between humans and androids. Back home, where no conflict is present, there are rallies against the war (imagine the rallies in USA for the Vietnam War). Karen, a military officer, ascends to the presidency with the help of Paul Hunt, a mysterious man that was chief of a investigation called Scorpius.

    After the death of former president by the Cyberman, Paul Hunt tells Karen that only with their help humanity shall triumph. Liam, friend of Karen, now commander in chief of the armed forces is weary of Karen change and don't trust Paul Hunt, now risen to advisor for the president of the world.

    First, framed for things he did not, he (Liam) became persecuted and was forced to exile with the help of an android.

    It was very interesting to see them work together. Android (Samantha) and Human (Liam) against a common foe - the cybermam. You must understand that from the start there is a palpable aura of mistrust between those two races.

    This book has no Doctor Who, as you've imagine and deals with a dimension where cyberman were asleep throughout the galaxy but some were unearthed by archaelogists and now are trying to rule the galaxy once more. With the help (servititude?) of some humans they are trying to get to Telos, where they will activate every cyberman asleep. Millions upon Millions. At the same time, the story travels between earth where Karen advised by Paul is trying to built more cyberman enlisting first refugees and prisoners and then normal humans.

    Spoilers Ahead:

    The final confrontation is quite good with Telos being desactivated, after Karen, now a cyberman, is killed. The open ending give the propose to have a second series. Sam and Liam are stranded in a ship without hyperdrive.
    Audio Play While this was certainly an entertaining and exciting conclusion to this series, I have to be honest - I was not overly impressed with the finale. I rather felt that things just sort of ended, without being completely resolved.

    (But then, there is a another 4-part series, Cyberman 2, so maybe it was just setting up events for the sequel). Audio Play A tad abrupt on the ending. An ok cyberman story better than some of the episodes. Audio Play Teil 4 von 4
    Ich mochte das Ende, die Darsteller waren insgesamt über alle Teile sehr gut und die Audio-Begleitung sehr atmosphärisch. Dennoch fand ich diesen Teil etwas ... lang.

    Die Gesamtwertung für diese Cyberman-Story liegt für mich bei 3,5 Sternen wegen der sehr guten Audio-Präsentation. Audio Play The androids are our best attempt at creating a lifeform. We made them as much like us as we could. And then what? We ended up hating them for it.

    Ooo0Oh, this episode was very interesting. We're off to Telos to try to stop the Cybermen before they leave their storage vault but immediately we discover that Telos has been destroyed. De-stroyed! Epic. So where are the awaiting hordes of Cyberfolk? Can the humans and androids go home, get back to their own war and forget the Cybermen now? Hmm.

    Next to the Cybermen, androids and humans look pretty much the same

    This episode was a definite highlight and the perfect series climax. It was like they saved all the good stuff for this episode. The pace suddenly bumped up a few gears and the action is all high intensity stuff.

    The series at half way through has had plenty of cheesiness but also many quotable moments and I've enjoyed it, even though I think it would be a better story with a Doctor in it..... any damn Doctor!

    I feel like I can't leave a review on an audio drama without commenting that novels are betterer. Pffffft. Shut up Frank. Audio Play

    Nicholas Briggs Ù 2 Characters


    On top of the ridiculous cross-species make out fests in the previous part, NOW we have the android leader getting all Alpha Male about what happened between Liam and Samantha.
    Not only is Liam a different species, he is part of a species which has been doing everything they can to wipe out androids in a war with deaths in the tens of thousands.
    But his main beef with Liam is that Samantha kissed him.
    Goddamn it Doctor Who, can we have a female main character who DOESN'T have a gorram romantic plotline or at least not a fucked up love triangle?! Audio Play This was a fun and short Doctor Who spinoff series. I really liked the audiodrama format (except for the kissing, seriously the kissing sounded ick) as it added so much life to the story. The cybermen were scary, the story was solid, and all of the voice actors were great. This was a nice way to start out 2016. Audio Play All right conclusion, but still too many ads. Audio Play Fantastic ending to a great series of stories. Full of action and suspense. Never made me confused. Can't wait to get Cybermen 2 Audio Play