Betrayal of Justice (Zachary Blake Betrayal, #2) By Mark M. Bello

    Betrayal of Justice by Mark M. Bello has a storyline that hits very close to home during these times of political and social unrest. In the second book of his Zachary Blake Legal Thriller series the author introduces a new president with bigoted policies. Shortly after he begins his term, the president signs an executive order to deport all Muslims from the United States based on his Make America Pure Again election theme. This plan riles up white nationalists across the country to take action. One follower in particular decides to honor of the new president with an explosive plan to burn down the local Muslim place of worship.

    Aryh Khan is a young woman concerned about her community and wants to find the evil culprit that burned down the mosque in the Muslim community she resides in. When she witnesses the murder of the man she believes burned down the mosque, she is accused of committing the murder herself. Enter Attorney Zachary Blake who shows the same passion for justice as he did in his previous book. The president takes notice of Aryh's case hoping that it will drive home the reasoning behind his extremist policy. His new administrative action further complicates matters for Aryh and her entire family as well.

    With a determined defense team and Aryh's devoted community Zach is ready to take on this politically fueled case against hate and prove his client innocent. This author has the gift of being able to engage readers with every detail. I am looking forward to seeing what Zachary Blake will be up against in the next installment of this series. 1543906222 Not very many people can write an enjoyable novel with religion or politics as the main foundation, but Mark M. Bello brilliantly weaves these together in Betrayal of Justice. Arya Khan has motive to kill the white supremacist that attacked her, and though she was holding the knife that killed him, she was innocent. Zachary Blake has his hands full. This is a case that stirs up everyone. Arya is set up as a terrorist example. Can Blake work wonders again, against the highest power of our country?
    I did not feel the author, Mark M. Bello, wrote Betrayal of Justice as a slam to our President. I felt the author did an impressive job showing injustice because of prejudice and ignorant beliefs. This novel includes the intensity and drives the first book in this series exhibited. I find Bello’s novels well written and a drive to see justice for the innocent and underprivileged. This author definitely knows which topics will arouse the most attention and dare I say critique.    1543906222 This was the second legal thriller I have read and I have to say I am really being drawn into the genre. Mark Bello continues to keep me entertained with his character of Zachary Blake. In fact, almost all the characters from the first book made an appearance in this one.

    There was a very obvious villain which was the new president of the United States. He was essentially Trump ( I am fairly certain the author created this character based on Trump) and made all the same promises during his campaign. The white supremacist groups wanted to help this president achieve his goals by carrying out some of them on their own. One being the firebombing of a Muslim mosque.

    The main character is Arya Khan. She gets herself in quite a mess when she tries to follow the potential suspect of the firebombing to his home and witnesses him being murdered by another white supremacist. She goes to help him and gets caught by the police hovering over his dead body. Enter Zachary Blake to save the day by representing her in court.

    The novel takes some intense turns and has quite a finale. I was loving all the technical law terms again. It feels like I learn the process of the judicial court system as I read this book :).

    I was very fond of the theme of the book which was inclusivity. Basically, it was anti-Trump and stating that we should treat each other equally because we are all mankind and life is better without discrimination. I fully support this notion and will get behind a book that fights back against bigotry.

    The only con I would have for this book was that Arya was spelled “Ayra” a couple times at the beginning of the book so at first, I had no idea if her name was Arya or Ayra. But after Chapter 2, she was called Arya the rest of the book so it settled itself out.

    Overall, it was a great book that was captivating from start to finish. I won’t say anything about the outcome of Arya’s case so that you can read it and find out for yourself!

    What are your thoughts on legal thrillers? Have you read this genre before? If not, I think you should try it out 🙂 1543906222 Before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election I would have thought this novel was ham-handed and so far outside the realm of possibility as to be ridiculous. Fortunately for this book, and unfortunately for the U.S., the racist, homophobic, misogynistic, ignorance of the US president in this novel is actually toned down from reality enough to be believable.
    This is the second in the series of Zachary Blake legal thrillers (see my review of the first one). It is a standalone novel so you do not need to have read the first one to enjoy this one. Your views of the the first novel will determine whether this is a positive or negative aspect of this book. For me it worked really well and was a good follow-up to the first book of the series.
    This book finds Zach defending a Muslim from murder charges in a politically difficult climate of distrust and concern over immigration and what it means to be American. Additionally, the U.S. president has taken interest in the case and pressured for deportation hearings of his client’s parents.
    The story revolves around these pertinent topics at the expense of character development. It is a well-written, engaging novel with a couple of twists. It is more predictable than the first book but still a solid follow-up.
    If you enjoyed the first one, this is one you would enjoy. If you are concerned about the current political climate it is nice to escape into a fictional world where characters with a conscience are highlighted. 1543906222 “A horrible year in which faith was tested and justice was betrayed had transitioned to a new year, one filled with the joyful and tangible rebirth of love, justice, faith and as Allah willed it, Salaam.”

    Mark Bello twists a tale of crime and intrigue in his second book of the Zachary Blake Betrayal Series; that could have come straight out of the headlines. Ronald John has been elected as President of the United States, with his anti-Muslim redirect and policies has to lead to white supremacist to justifying their attacks in the small town of Dearborn. Keith Blackwell a white supremacist and active member of 1USA Pure is behind the attacks on the Muslim community and Firebomb of their Mosque winds up dead the police's prime suspect is a Muslim woman Arya Khan is upon First Degree Murder Charges. Her story matches the evidence but, so does the fact she could have killed him herself. Her family and community call in Zachary Blake to defend her against these charges. Mark Bello tackles a lot of topics such as racism, hate, immigration and prejudices in this new tale including writing the characters in a way that tackles the stereotypes that people jump to with Muslims, Americans, Jews or Christians and breaks them when showing that even a young Muslim woman can be a hero for a community just by telling the truth. He truly surprised me with his style of writing and his storytelling. I found it quite enjoyable and worth the time and energy to read if for no other reason than the fact he shows that there is another way. 1543906222


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    This very topical, controversial, and prophetic novel is set in Washington D.C. and Dearborn, Michigan.

    In Washington D.C., a newly-elected president promises, in his inaugural speech, to “make America pure again.”

    In Dearborn, Michigan, a young Muslim woman, Arya Khan, watches President John’s acceptance speech in horror while a a few miles away, a white supremacist, Keith Blackwell, watches the same speech with pure joy. Inspired by the new president's rhetoric, Blackwell fire bombs a local mosque. The Dearborn Police promise to investigate, but Arya fears that these cops are indifferent to the Muslim community and will not vigorously investigate. She takes matters into her own hands and conducts her own 'private investigation'. Arya identifies a suspect, follows him, and witnesses his brutal murder. She calls 9-1-1 and rushes to render aid, but when the police arrive, all evidence points to Arya as the murderer; she’s arrested, jailed and formally charged.

    When the news story reaches the president, he seeks to deport Arya's immigrant parents. Zachary Blake (the central character of Bello’s debut legal thriller, Betrayal of Faith) returns as the trial lawyer for the family and drama plays out in both criminal and immigration courtrooms. But as the Dearborn Police seek to complete their investigation, an organization of white supremacists tries to thwart any attempt to tie their group to the murder and mayhem. Can Zachary Blake and his crack private investigator, Micah Love, save Aria from a murder charge and her parents from deportation? Can this innocent family expect justice in this new, pure America, an America that has lost its way?

    Betrayal of Justice is the second installment of the Zachary Blake Betrayal Legal Thriller Series by attorney/author Mark M. Bello. Fans of John Grisham and Scott Turow will enjoy comparisons to current events, as well as Bello's ability to captivate readers in an intriguing courtroom drama. This is a legal and political thriller with intriguing characters, nonstop action and a plot that is anything but predictable. Betrayal of Justice (Zachary Blake Betrayal, #2)

    An intricate plot with a great twist!

    I really enjoyed this book for the first-class explanations of why exactly things are done in the particular fashion that we associate with lawyers and the legal profession.

    Starting with a President who appears to be racist and has a catchy slogan Make America Pure Again, political and legal repercussions travel all through society to regular people just trying to get by. The President represented here is very much like one we're all familiar with, and it's interesting to see the legal professionals trying to work out what they should do versus what they are told to do.

    The author shows his familiarity with a lawyers' actual work, and puts it into language that's clear and understandable.
    It's a great storyline that draws you into the characters, so you not only come to care about them, you're really rooting for them by the end.
    The characters are real, complex people, whose actions follow their motivations in a believable fashion.
    Arya is an interesting, likable young woman who makes a heckuva mistake, and pays for it in time and stress. Her family sticks with her, through some pretty tough stuff.

    The policemen on the ground are not perfect (as perhaps we'd like them to be) but they do act consistently in character, and they represent people just like the ones we know in our own lives.

    The main character, Zachary Blake, has an interesting backstory that invites you to really get to know him and his family. He represents the best of what the legal professional can be. His comprehensive approach to evidence gathering is quite interesting, and his investigators are first class.

    Will Zach be able to clear Arya from a murder charge, though? 1543906222 Bloomfield Hills. Zachary “Zack” Blake (wealthy, attorney, JD, lawyer/PC, Western Michigan Cooley Law School) & Jennifer Tracey (37, wealthy, widow/mother, newspaper editor, Oakland U BS; English) were now a couple & he was a surrogate father to Jake Tracey (son/brother) & Kenny Tracey (older son/brother).
    The 2 adults had become quite the philanthropist.
    Secretary Allison Goodman was their pick for the Democratic Presidential candidate.

    Dearborn, MI. Mosque of America. Imam Baqir Ghaffari (Islamic theology, law) was delivering his Friday sermon, the Khutbah, to his worshipers. The upcoming Ramadan was also on his mind & mentioned & 1 of President John’s goal.
    Detective Jack Dylan (Catholic, Dearborn PD, Wayne County Regional Police Training Academy, U of Michigan; CJ, Wayne St.) was assigned to investigate the criminal acts against the Dearborn Muslim community.
    On his team are: Asher Granger (forensic criminologist, former DoJ/ATF investigator, Yale; forensic science, CJ), Detective Noah Thompson (29, cybercrimes expert), Detective Lieutenant “Shaheed” Ali (Muslim affairs, customs, religious, cultural matters expert, liaison between the local/Muslim community, U of Michigan; CJ).
    Dearborn, MI. Mosque of America. Eric Burns (fire investigator), Arya & his team began to investigate the firebombing.
    Arya went to speak with Detective Lieutenant Ali.

    Detective Lieutenant Ali interviewed her.
    Hamid Khan (American citizen, husband/father) called Zachary.
    It would be a pro bono case.
    All rise. The District Court of Wayne County is now in session, The Honorable Judge David Grinder (Wayne County) presiding.
    State of Michigan v. Arya Khan.
    Prosecution: ADA Lawrence Bialy (Wayne County), Defense: Zachary “Zack” Blake (attorney, JD, lawyer/PC, Western Michigan Cooley Law School).
    Arya Khan, you are charged with murder in the 1st degree. The maximum penalty for that offense is life in prison without the possibility of parole.
    The plea of not guilty will be entered for the record.
    Bail is set at $1,000,000 cash or bond. The defendant will be fitted with & wear an Electronic ankle bracelet & pay the cost of the monitoring.
    Buhl Building (Griswold) 14th floor Micah Love Private Detective Agency Zack & Arya met with Micah Love (PD, husband/father).

    United States of America v. Hamid and Riah Khan.
    Judge George Farhad listened to Marshall Mann (Khan’s lawyer) explain to him about his clients: Hamid Khan & Riah Khan’s unlawful deportation.
    AG Geoffrey Parley was next.
    How will this case turn out?
    Dearborn, MI. A bomb had exploded at the Arab American National Museum (2nd Triennial Conference on Arab American Studies).
    Detective Lieutenant Jack Dylan (Dearborn PD, Medal of Valor) had his SWAT team in place.
    Wayne County Circuit Court. Honorable David Grinder heard the People v. Benjamin Blaine case.
    Scott Lewis (public defender) for Benjamin Blaine (white supremacist) in the murderer of Keith Blackwell.

    How will the case of People v. Arya Khan case turn out?

    I do not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing free books from publishers & authors. Therefore, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, only an honest one.

    Warning: This book contains descriptive accounts of extremely graphic adult content (hate crimes), violence, or expletive language &/or uncensored sexually explicit material which is only suitable for mature readers. It may be offensive or have potential adverse psychological effects on the reader. If you are especially sensitive to this type of material, it is strongly advised not to read any further.

    An awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very professionally written political thriller book. It was extremely easy for me to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. There were no grammar/typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a huge description list of unique characters, settings, facts etc. to keep track of. This could also make another great political thriller movie, or better yet a mini TV series. To be continued. There is no doubt in my mind this is an extremely easy rating of 5 stars.

    Thank you for the free author; 8 Grand Publications; Goodreads; MakingConnections; Making Connections discussion group talk; ARR PDF book.
    Tony Parsons MSW (Washburn)
    1543906222 Your faith is supposedly something that helps grounds you and gives you internal peace. In this world, many people rely more on their beliefs to get them through troubled times and they look forward to positive outcomes. Unfortunately, for others, they would be forever haunted by the trauma they believed faith put them in and blame it for all the horrible experiences they’ve had. In “Betrayal of Faith,” we vaguely learn that some type of trauma occurred in two young boys’ lives, which involved someone they trusted as a spokesperson of their faith. Through this discovery, you’ll begin to feel all sorts of unpleasant emotions, especially anger.

    The title gives somewhat of a clue to what this book could be based on and author Mark M. Bello was very detailed as if his readers were witnesses in hopes for an outcome in the boys’ favors. The power players in throughout this book gave me an uneasy feeling, I often found myself shaking my head in shame. The writing style of Mark M. Bello invokes real emotions for his characters because scenarios like this go on in the real world. If granted the opportunity to solve such heinous crimes and rebuild the trust of these people’s faith, I don’t see why not.

    Following along as the case against a member of the clergy I’ve learned something new about the laws of both church and state. My favorite characters are Zach and Micah, as these two are doing their due diligence in making sure this certain individual faces the necessary consequences. Not exactly reading through an emotional rollercoaster but it can shape the way people view people of their faith. I recommend this to anyone that wish they can see how a case plays out from all sides and take away some valuable knowledge that could help them or someone they know going through it. 1543906222 ‘He would fight this president with all his resources and skills…’

    Michigan author Mark M. Bello is an attorney and a justice advocate, having earned his BA in English Literature from Oakland University and his law degree form Thomas M. Cooley Law School. He spent forty years in the courtroom with high profile legal cases, and now offers his knowledge on his website Legal Examiner and Injury Board writing posts about safety, fairness and justice in the civil justice system. Mark consolidates his experiences in this series of novels – THE ZACHARY BLAKE LEGAL THRILLERS, of which BETRAYAL OF JUSTICE is Book 2.

    One reason Mark M Bello’s legal thriller series is so absorbing is the manner in which he allows parallels to contemporary controversies, as this volume opens with a speech from the ‘President’ that sounds very timely…’My fellow Americans: I am very humbled yet emboldened by your vote to elect me as your president. I thank you for your support. I’ve earned your vote, and I will now embark on the task of securing your continued trust. I intend to do that by delivering on the promises I made during my very contentious campaign with Secretary Goodman. To accomplish these promises, we, the people, have to be vigilant and bold. We have to take this country in a new direction. This new direction starts with securing our borders. Under or current immigration system, our borders are porous, wide open for drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and terrorists to enter our county unchecked…’ Sound vaguely familiar?

    The synopsis is a fine guide for this fast paced story – ‘Super trial lawyer Zachary Blake takes on new, even more, powerful foes: The New President - hero of bigots and white supremacists everywhere - he promises to rid America of its “Muslim scourge” and “Make America Pure Again,” The White Nationalist - anti-Muslim, white supremacist bigot who plans an explosive event to honor his ‘exalted new leader,’ the Client - Arya Khan, a young Muslim-American woman falsely accused of murdering the evil bigot who firebombed her neighborhood mosque. In a divided America, Arya becomes the centerpiece of the new president’s bigoted promise to his base. Can Blake defeat the power of the presidency and prove his young client’s innocence?’ Reading this thriller is also a glance in today’s news…

    After reading the first volume, the central character Zachary Blake is now a substantial legal hero and the manner in which master craftsman Bello manipulates his character’s movement and development is a witness to both the depth of his legal knowledge and his eloquent prose. The language is appropriate for each character, and the manner in which the multiple characters interweave is mesmerizing. This legal thriller series is of the first caliber! Highly recommended.
    1543906222 After watching a certain candidate promise to implement a Muslim Ban on immigration from certain countries and many other offensive things, I became concerned that this racially/ethnically challenged man might actually become president of the United States. When he won the election, I decided to write a fictional account of what might happen if a bigot was elected POTUS.

    Betrayal of Justice is a very topical, controversial, and prophetic novel set in Washington D.C. and Dearborn, Michigan. In D.C., a newly-elected president promises, in his inaugural speech, to “make America pure again.” In Dearborn, Michigan, a white supremacist is inspired by the speech to fire bomb a local mosque, and a young Muslim-American woman, distrustful of the police, conducts her own 'private' investigation. She identifies and follows a suspect and, in a twist of fate, witnesses his murder. She calls 9-1-1 and rushes to render aid, only to be arrested for murder by the arriving police. Zachary Blake (attorney hero of my first novel, Betrayal of Faith) is retained to defend the woman and her family in criminal and immigration court (her parents face deportation when the bigoted POTUS reads about their daughter's 'crime'). Can this innocent family expect justice in this new, pure America, an America that has lost its way?

    I had no idea that much of what I wrote of fictional America would play out in real America. The novel, like current events playing out in our country, should cause readers and citizens to question whether either America is truly a place where liberty and justice for all is sacrosanct.

    There is no place for bigotry in my America. Discriminating against any ethnic group is deplorable. A Muslim ban is a disgusting concept that has no basis in the land of the free, a country that was founded on a concept of freedom of religion. Arya Khan, the protagonist of Betrayal of Justice, is a brave young woman and a positive role model for all women, not just Muslim women. White supremacy is an archaic and broken concept in a place where all men and women are created equal.

    This book was written to demonstrate that the oppression of any ethnic group is the oppression of all Americans, the oppression of the very premise that makes our country great. America is already great; it does not need to be made great again. And, my fictional America does not need to be made pure again. America is a melting pot of races, creeds and colors and racial purity is a terribly offensive concept that, hopefully, will never achieve traction in real America.

    If you are looking for a book that depicts Muslims (and freedom of religion in general) positively and congenially and depicts those who would discriminate against, disparage or stereotype Muslims in a negative way as deplorable, then this book is for you. When you are reading it, regardless of your ethnicity, please try to put yourself in Arya Khan's shoes. Hopefully, you enjoy Betrayal of Justice. I look forward to hearing from you. 1543906222