Beautifully Brutal (Southern Boy Mafia, #1) By Nicole Edwards

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    Sometimes love isn’t beautiful...
    Sometimes the only way to describe it is beautifully brutal.

    If you think you know him… You’re wrong.
    If you think you know his family… Wrong again.
    If you think you know his story… You don’t.

    If you did, you’d likely wonder how the hell a man like Maximillian Adorite managed to make it to this point in his life. At twenty-nine, he’s experienced more than most people could only ever imagine, all thanks to his family. Organized crime they call it. Mafia.

    No matter how they spin it, it comes down to one thing. Max gets what he wants. Except for the one thing he wants most.

    Her name is Courtney Kogan.

    And now that he’s had a taste of her, Max knows he’ll never be able to let her go.

    The Southern Boy Mafia series is a spinoff from the Sniper 1 Security series. It has been set up to be read without reading Sniper 1 Security, however, the characters will frequently cross over. Beautifully Brutal (Southern Boy Mafia, #1)


    Bad boys are just so...easy to love to hate to love. And Maximillian Adorite is definitely a bad boy. One I love. And hate. Sigh, I’m confused by my feelings...

    As an underboss for the infamous Adorite Family – the Southern Boy Mafia, they call them – Max Adorite is used to getting his way. Because the consequences when he doesn’t aren’t pretty. Except there is one person that won’t give him what he wants...

    Courtney Kogan is one of the good guys. Which means she’s on the opposite side to Max Adorite. Which means it’ll never work. She knows he wants her, and she wants him right back. But she shouldn’t. And she won’t give in to it.

    Or will she? Max isn’t about to give up on having her, and when the inevitable danger comes a-knockin’ Courtney is left making some brutal decisions...ones that could lead her to something beautiful.

    *rubs hands together* Alright, let’s do this thing, people. Beautifully Brutal, what can I say? It was exactly what the title implied. Beautiful. Brutal. And I LOVED it. I felt like I shouldn’t because Max is...well, Max is a bit of an asshole. I mean, he’s a mob boss, so that goes with the territory, but he was also pretty freakin’ sweet and damn sexy when it came to Courtney. So, yeah, I was a bit torn between wanting him to change, magically, into a really good guy (but keep the edge), and staying just exactly as he was. Essentially, I had a fairly typical female response, I guess.

    Beautifully Brutal was a bit of a roller coaster for me. It made me feel a little frustrated at times, thanks to Court’s indecision and Max’s bad business moves and some really shitty characters (you’ll see what I mean!), and it made me H.O.T. Hoo-boy, did it make me hot!! Ms. Edwards did an excellent job of weaving Courtney and Max’s past (alluded to in Wait for Morning) together with their present and their future. It gave the story plenty of heat, and it was a good foundation for the second part of the book, which showed how opposites attracting!?!

    While this story is the first in a new series, the Southern Boy Mafia series, and can absolutely be read standalone, you can’t go wrong reading Wait for Morning first. Because it’s a really good book, and because a little extra knowledge of the situation and relationships made me enjoy and understand this story better. There are a lot of characters to follow along with, which can get a touch confusing if you get lost in the story and lose track (there’s an index at the start of the book, which I referred to a couple of times when this happened to me) and as this series continues, I can’t wait to get to know some of them better. I am intrigued, in particular, by Leyton and Ashlynn and what is shaping up to be one hell of a sexy story.

    As always, Ms. Edwards has produced a story with heart, with heat and with hope. That I am not confused about, at all. ~ Beth, 4.5 stars 432 4.5 Brutal Stars****

    I Love Nicole's books except I haven't read one for a while, to me they're pure Heavenly and take you to somewhere else which is the SOLE reason why I love to read FICTION and more so ROMANCE. This read was HEAVEN to me I couldn't put it down, it pulled me into their world and I forget Real Life for a while, this most definitely did that.

    If you think you know him… You’re wrong.
    If you think you know his family… Wrong again.
    If you think you know his story… You don’t.

    This is a modern Romeo and Juliet story, of good and bad, The Bad Boy falls for the Good Girl and the Good Girl falls for the DEVIL.

    Maximillian Adorite was born into the Mafia lifestyle, he is one of the top men and he's a killer he has not problem killing a man with his bare hands and walking away like he just had a business meeting but jobs need to be done and he does them well.

    Courtney Kogan is the good girl and is out to get the dirt, she's ferocious in her tasks and doesn't take no shit except she also knows how to keep her emotions close to her sleeve, she works for the Sniper 1 security under the power of her father and is there to do jobs for him even if some are boring babysitting jobs she does it for now because she loves her Father and she likes to the uncover work she gets the chance to do when asked concerning Max and their whole family.

    Max gets what he wants ALWAYS except when it comes to Courtney, they both want each other, their chemistry is off the charts and they fall for each other except cant have each other, their family's complicate things and they live in separate worlds. Max worries about Courtney's safety and yes loyalty to 'him' and not her own family, its a tug of war of sorts and very much a Romeo and Juliet love story that had me gripped throughout.

    But above all this is a LOVE STORY about two people who are from opposite worlds yet regardless of their lifestyles you can't help who you fall for, and Max will fight till his Death for the woman he loves he just wants her to accept him likewise.......

    I would recommend this book if you love Exquisite love stories, panty soaking reads and people who love Suspense added with some plot twists along the way. I love Nicole's writing she has a good amount of depth into it which meant I connected to the characters at ease. This book is written from both POV's so you get both coins and the bigger picture, I think if this was solely from Max's side it would have annoyed me because at times Courtney wound me up with her feisty nature and fighting against what was in front of her and letting herself be happy. Don't get me wrong she's not annoying just knows how to stand her ground and with that came pain, all in all a highly recommended read from MOI.

    The Southern Boy Mafia series is a spinoff from the Sniper 1 Security series. It has been set up to be read without reading Sniper 1 Security, however, the characters will frequently cross over, but I did read this one without reading that I do now want to go back and read the Sniper 1 series but I read this solely so its not a huge problem to go into the unknown.

    But if you want to that first then here is the link:

    I am now really looing forward to what Nicole has I store for the rest of this series and who is next, looking forward to some M/M next maybe???

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    432 4 Southern Boy Mafia starts

    Liked it.

    review - later.

    This was a BR with my lovely Shanny (one of my Maflut guurls) so this made it even more special!

    Beautifully Brutal belongs to The Southern Boy Mafia series which is a spinoff from the Sniper 1 Security series.
    Fuck, I got lost just reading it…LOL

    That means absolutely nothing to me since I haven’t read the latter.

    Therefore, I will only concentrate on what I’ve actually read and not be overloaded with information I really can’t process.

    Yes, I’m referring to the numerous characters (which are apparently reappearing and are crossing over from the above mentioned series) although I was somewhat taken with the list of all the characters presented in the beginning, my confusion didn’t last long, thank God, and I started to fill in the blanks early on in the story.

    So, story is about the “impossible” love between two very different people from different surroundings and lives that are suddenly put in each other paths which sets their primal attraction in motion making the impossible “against-all-odds-love” possible.

    He’s Maximillian Adorite aka Max, a 29 year old underboss of a Texas crime organization called The Southern Boy Mafia. Max is a killer. Ruthless, merciless killer. A commanding, demanding alpha who knows what he wants, barks the orders and makes it happen. Sexually insatibale.
    He’s brutal and beautiful hence beautifully brutal. LOL

    But it’s the ruthless mafia life that collides with the commons and makes a tidal wave of fucked up events that stir emotions that could not be allowed, cause they represent weakness that only can end up in death…

    As I said Max gets what he wants and as a true alpha he sets his powers to make it happen. He sets his eyes on Courtney Kogan,

    not a part of the mafia world but quite the opposite…in her world she‘s the one that tracks, hunts down and brings down the bad guys….

    They were enemies, from opposite sides of the law. She was one of the good guys; he was one of the bad.

    Courtney was a part of the organization called Sniper 1 Security consisting of her father and brothers designed also as an intel gathering information unit. And she was sent to do exactly that…gather the info on Max, his operations, his business deals…for that she needed to get close BUT she didn’t just get close, she also got scorched along the way…and there was only one way and no way back from it.

    I loved Courtney, she did a man’s job in a cruel world and yet she was strong enough to use her feminity and sensuality into a good use…and of course she was struggling with what she was feeling for the forbidden cruel and brutal killer…but he was never those things to her, in front of her – yes but never towards her.

    She was as precious as a rare flower or an uncut diamond and Max was the one who provided the water and had the tools to shape her as it fit right.

    And the way she handled the situation concerning life and death and survival…getting the grip of the loose ends and taking control in the world she wasn’t born BUT pulled into.

    In the beginning they are denying the passion they both feel BUT the pull is too strong and is mentally destroying them both taking the collateral victims on their path. The secrets are revealed, shit happens just like that accumulating the tension from both sides…but Max and Courtney survive it all,
    finally accepting the truth…there’s no escape from love.

    “Look at me, “ he ordered, his tone still tender as he lifted his head. Her eyes opened, and she met his glistening gold gaze. His thumb brushed over her lip as he pushed inside her again, retreating ever so slowly.
    “Let me love you, Courtney”.
    “Max,” she whispered, still battling the emotion.
    “Love me Court. Right here, right now, just love me.
    That’s all you need to do.”

    The only thing that kinda set me off was the constant mixing of the present with the past events without any notion other than italic letters. Which I characterized as strange pacing cause that's what it did to me...slow, fast, slow, fast...

    Well, I guess that is utterly on me and me alone cause it should’ve been enough to emphasize the tense transfer BUT to tell you the truth when you read in the half darken room in the early hours…heck all the letters start to look the same to me… so I guess I didn’t register it fast enough.
    My bad.

    Other than that it was quite interesting, drama and action packed read with sexually intense fragrances.

    Beautifully Brutal's storytelling was impactful, and filled with emotion.  It heightened my senses and it reached right out and gripped my heart.

    Beautifully Brutal is an insanely captivating storytelling of lovers that were, and lovers to be.  An unconventional love story, melding the dark, with the good. Told in the dual, third person POV's, interchanging between the past and present. Which allows the reader to understand Courtney and Maximillian's beginning as a couple, the pressures they face, and how they were thorn apart.

    Maximillian Adoriteis the new underboss of the Southern Boy Mafia. A Texas crime organization. With ties to most of the illegal trades within the good state of Texas and beyond.

    Courtney Kogan  is a member of the family run Sniper 1 Security team. An elite group of security advisers, whose mission is to protect people. Her mission was to get information on him and his family.

    She and Max were from two very different worlds. Whatever is was between them, started as a way for Courtney to infiltrate his organization. But somewhere along the way it turned into something much, much more. He was the one man she wanted and couldn't have.

    Their chemistry was sizzling and off the charts. The sex, was OMG! to die for. I loved how they were both sexually insatiable, and that their sexual desires and preferences developed over the story. The voyeuristic aspect was superbly portrayed, with the wonderful touch of loving and tender towards the end.

    As the plots thickens and their families complicate things, Courtney and Max are betrayed by the people closest to them. One trailing bullets and blood; the other guilt. When danger lurks at Courtney's door, Max knows, he will do anything to protect what is his. Even if that means breaking all the rules.

    Sigh...sadly it had to end. But on a positive note. There is a happy ending. Sigh again...

    The secondary characters were darkly lovable and enticing. Those yummy! bodyguards. And Leyton! That man.... Can't wait for the second book.

    *ARC provided by TRSOR on behalf of the author for and honest review* Thanks!!
    432 ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    Nicole has definitely blown me away with this one. There isnt anything she writes that I do not love, but this one, holy hell... love love love. Ive always loved how Nicole speaks through her characters and makes you feel like you are in the room with the actual man or woman, and this is no different. You feel Max and you feel Courtney, as well as their co-workers and siblings. When Max talks to Courtney, its like hes talking to you ... its hot !!
    This one is slightly off the path of the others, as we have a bad boy who really is a bad boy, but with a heart for only one woman.
    Max is ... well damn, Max is HOT !! He was born into a life that he has accepted and made his own but he falls for a girl who is his complete opposite. completely. As in, different sides of the law on some occasions. Max is an amazing character, alpha male, bad boy hottie. Im completely in love. He is very well written and meshes well with the side characters as well as his family .
    Courtney is also written very well and works well with the other characters. I hate to say it but im not a female character fan and she does annoy me a little...ok well, a lot lol The running make me want to smack her senseless, but I get why she runs and it works with the storyline and does not take anything away from the story for me at all. She is a very well written character. This story is so well written and so different from what you would expect...I cant wait to see more from this series. I love how it spins off from the Sniper one series, so they both go together nicely. You need to be able to keep up with both at the same time.
    Samuel, Max's father, well lets just say Nicole did an amazing job writing that man and i love to hate his guts.
    I love how you got a little bit of interweaving for what the next story could be about through a sibling or two. I dont want to give too much away but i will say its hot as hell !!
    The grammar and spelling are spot on and i just cant say enough how much i loved this book. I cant wait for more
    I would absolutely recommend this book. 432 3.5- 4 stars 432 I was lucky to receive an ARC of this book. I am not a writer, I leave that to those that are talented with words. I will never be able to express how AMAZING Nicole's newest release is!! 5 STARS doesn't come close to rate Beautifully Brutal!!! The first book in the Southern Boy Mafia series, is a fast pace read that will have you burning up the pages! As always, there is HOT sex, but this novel contains so much more. Good versus evil, right versus wrong, and ethical versus crooked make the groundwork of this story; add some action and that crazy thing called love and you have this INCREDIBLE book!! Thank you Nicole, for letting us get lost in your words!! Looking forward to Leyton's story!!!

    In Max and Courtney's story it all comes down to choosing between love or family. He's a bad boy, she's a good girl.....her job was to gain information on him. Placing herself that close to the enemy put her in great danger. When all is said and done, the outcome is Beautifully Brutal!! 432
    4.5 stars I loved this venture into the dark underworld
    This modern day Romeo and Juliet captured by heart and has me very excited for the rest of this series and of the Sniper 1 series as the families overlap
    So many great characters and hints at backstory and what's to come I am not even sure whose story I almost excited for next!!
    Ok maybe I am most excited RT and Z, because it's been awhile since MsEdwards wrote a m/m and the chemistry for these two is already off the charts!
    Though toward the end I found myself wishing I could dive right into Ashlynn, Max's sisters story...sooooo yes I am very excited for more! 432 I was so excited to get my hands on Max and Courtney’s story after having caught a glimpse of their complex relationship in Nicole’s previous series. Two incredibly diverse and complicated characters that were as different as night and day; just as equally one lived in perpetual darkness doing bad deeds while the other was often referred to as being on the good guys side, living in the light and fighting the good fight.

    What was so good about Beautifully Brutal? Well, where do I even begin? The enigma that is Max continued to unnerve, perplex and astound me from start to finish. Sinister and depraved one minute but hurting and emotional in the next breath when dealing with the romantic entanglements between Courtney and himself. He was sweet and sour. Unforgiving but thoughtful. Hateful and vindictive but full of so much love and devotion for Courtney, it was as though her presence in his life brought him peace and serenity in a world that involved murder, smuggling, guns and shady business deals. Courtney may have brought some good into his life but Max manages to coax a little bit of darkness into hers. I loved Courtney. She was a strong ballsy independent protagonist who not only had integrity but willpower and determination when it came to resisting someone she knew would be bad for her, time and again she walked away and buried whatever feelings she had no matter the cost or pain.

    ‘Max didn’t respond, just listened to her breathe, wishing she’d remain on the phone for the rest of his life so he could hear her. It was hard enough that he couldn’t hold her in his arms. Listening to her breathe would suffice for a little while.
    “I should-”

    “No, don’t go,” he said in a tortured whisper. “Don’t hang up. Just breathe, Courtney. It’s…” He choked back the emotion. “Just breathe. Please.” Courtney didn’t respond nor did she hang up, and he could hear her breathe, which was all he needed as the night descended around him. If only their time together could’ve been more like this. Less chaos, more peace.’

    When a book is peppered with brilliance such as this is it any wonder Nicole Edwards has so many fans. Her writing seems to gain strength and maturity with each book she writes and with Beautifully Brutal she not only manages to showcase her excellent character development but also her innate ability to bring drama, heartache, action, steam and a well of emotion and angst to the plot without it feeling disconnected or disjointed from the truth of the story.

    There was a small annoyance for me half way through the book that involved a bit of an archaic double standard when it came to sex post-relationship (I won’t spoil it for you but you’ll know which part I’m talking about when you read it). I just wish Courtney had stepped up to the plate here and gave some more of her snappy take-no-prisoners attitude but other than that one minor blip this is certainly one of, if not the best Nicole Edwards books to come out. It was fast-paced, gripping and heart-stoppingly beautiful, a modern day mobster Romeo and Juliet and from the small taste we got of Max’s wild and frisky sister, I’d say we are in for one helluva scintillating book next go round.