Beach Billionaire Con, Book Two By Jill Lang

    Jill Lang ¹ 5 review

    3.5 stars English

    Part two of Beach Billionaire Con, a three-part series by author Jill Lang.

    She will lie, cheat, and steal to win his heart.

    Tessa Schilling finds herself in a precarious situation, needing to hack Benjamin Kent's computer to pay off medical bills. But the billionaire's easy, sexy manner becomes increasingly difficult to resist. She has to remind herself that he is just the job. They have no future together, not once he discovers her secrets.

    The blonde in his arms is hiding something. Intrigued and captivated, Benjamin willingly becomes ensnared in Haven's silken web, wanting to know more about her. After he catches her compromising his computer, his fears are realized. Who is this woman? Has everything been a lie? Worse, why does he feel so protective of her? Why should he care that she's gotten herself involved with a Russian thug, who could very well end her life?

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