Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicle 5 By Yukito Kishiro

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    The cyber martial arts saga that has spanned a solar system and over two decades in print returns, with creator Yukito Kishiro's new sequel that reveals the true story of Alita's childhood on Mars, and the mind bending adventures that still await herTHE BIRTH OF A VILLAINIn a time before Alita's birth, a fresh faced and ambitious man once believed in humanity, and for that crime, he suffered unbelievable agony, shame, and betrayal. His once youthful visage became a wretched mask, and his dreams became plans to wreak terror upon mankind. This man is known as Baron Muster, and you will now witness his journey into the darkest depths of despair

    Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicle 5

    Thank you. 176 pages Incredible series. 176 pages I am so glad I got great quality books and just wish I could get some quality and at a good price for The last order. 176 pages I heard this was going to be a 5 book finale to the Alita saga, It doesn't have much alita but I figured Id buy the run. Now I see its going for at least 7 books with no hint as to when it will end so i'm stopping with #6, for now. Its really just a time occupier. 176 pages Now I know who Alita’s parents were and it blows my mind!!! I wonder what the last volume will be a about? 176 pages

    I'd say only around 30% of this volume contains Alita/yoko centric story, the rest is divided between the Barons back story and a side story relating to him. Its still interesting but main story progression would be welcome.Artwork is on point as always, and the page count is not as lacking as the previous 2 volumes. 176 pages Love battle angel alita and is 1 of my fave animes ever only hope these little books get turned into a omnibus 176 pages Artwork great as always. Story line is very grim. 176 pages These were a gift. Recipient was very pleased. 176 pages Mars Chronicles has mostly focused on the events of Alita's childhood, and she's actually been absent for most of them as the story focuses on the creepy villain Baron Muster and his protege Erica. But the villains are sufficiently interesting that I don't 176 pages