Bartholomew Steele and The Devils Acre By Patrick Prior

    Bartholomew Steele, rake-hunter, embarks on a deadly chase through the hell-holes of Georgian London in pursuit of the Scrowrers, a gang who bring fear to the streets through a campaign of violence, rape and robbery. The Law is helpless. Only the ex-pugilist, with the help of the blind magistrate of Bow Street, John Fielding, can bring their reign of terror to an end. The hunt will take the fighter into the dark heart of criminal London.

    In this third Bartholomew Steele adventure the boxer battles his way through the brothels, thieves dens and slums, before plunging into the most hellish place in the city, the Devil's Acre. Here, amid the most depraved denizens of the capital, he will confront the men with faces of demons. In between he shares the bed of the beautiful and sensual actress, Kitty Clive.

    This fast moving adventure reaches a dramatic climax when Steele has to face death at the Tower of London...meeting foes that even the redoubtable fighter has no hope of defeating...

    A roistering, sexy, fast moving historical adventure. Bartholomew Steele and The Devils Acre


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