Barefoot on the Beach By Katlyn Duncan

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    Renee Clarke is perfectly happy just the way she is…

    Renee may be thrilled to be planning her sister’s wedding, but after witnessing her mother’s two failed marriages, she has always vowed that she is better off on her own.

    But when Renee discovers that Luc Hardy has moved next door, her world is knocked off kilter. Luc was her whirlwind summer romance as a teen and, more importantly, her first love. Now he’s back in West Cove, looking more handsome than ever.

    There is no escaping the romance in the air this summer. With the wedding planning in full swing, Renee begins to believe that she might be able to put her childhood reservations about marriage aside.

    Yet when her mother arrives, she stirs a torrent of emotions in Renee’s heart. She’s up to her old tricks again – boasting about her latest conquests – reaffirming Renee’s lack of faith in love.

    As Renee’s happily-ever-after hangs in the balance, will Luc be able to convince her that true love can last forever?

    A totally heart-warming summer romance you won’t want to put down! Perfect for fans of Jenny Hale, Susan Mallery and Lucy Coleman. Barefoot on the Beach

    This romance was super sweet and tender. Renee and Luke were a cute couple, he was so lovely with her. I liked that they found a nice place in each other and true happiness. :) Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller Sweet and sandy. Katlyn Duncan has written the perfect feel good beach read. Renee doesn’t do relationships the last thing she wants is to end up like her mother. Instead she has summer flings with the tourists that visit her cute little beach town in New England. And that was working just fine for her until Luke the first and possibly the only boy she ever fell in love with shows back up in town. But is it worth it to give Luke her heart again for him just to leave at the end of summer? A delightful story packed with wedding plans, little sisters, hidden relationships, Beach walks, dogs, volleyball, cookouts, and complicated feelings.

    I really liked Renee, but the girl frustrated me and she seriously needed to grow a backbone. Her little sister Kate comes marching into town and expects Renee to drop absolutely everything and plan her wedding. Kate was a very selfish character, not to mention I could not figure out why she was having a wedding all the way across the country from where she lives? But to each their own, I guess. Then there was Renee‘s approach to relationships, never really made sense, how never getting in a serious relationship would stop her from being like her mother? I kind of thought it made her even more like her mother? Renee really needed a good friend to tell her what’s what, and I think Sadie did try she probably just needed to be a little more blunt. I think Renee’s flaws made the story more interesting even though it frustrated me. The romance was super sweet and I was very satisfied with how the story ended. This was the perfect way to visit the beach without all the sand or a need to stop social distancing.

    This book in emojis 🏖 🏐 👙 🐶 👰🏼 🛠

    *** Big thank you to HQ Digital for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. *** Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller Last year I read a Christmas story by this author and I was charmed by it. It probably won’t surprise you that I was happy to see she had another book published.

    The author takes us on a journey to a sunny beach and we are even invited to a wedding. What not to like about all those things???

    Some people are afraid to love and have a relationship, because they have seen that marriage is not all about milk and honey. Some break ups are rather painful and nasty and you want to protect yourself by building a wall around your heart or only date when you are sure the romance will only last for a short period of time.

    But you should not focus on those couples where it went wrong. There are a lot of people that are very happy together too. So grab your chance when you have found happiness and cherish it with all your heart.

    A lovely summer read that I enjoyed at lot about family and love. 4 stars.

    Thank you, Katlyn Duncan and Rachel’s Random Resources. Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller This was a surprising read, much more family drama than I'd anticipated with somewhat toxic family relationships impacting on those involved in the present. The community, friendships and delicious food all add to the story.

    Renee Clarke is living with her father in a delightful location near the beach. She's something of a workaholic and will do anything for those she loves, which includes her half-sister, Cait. When Cait decides to get married in this location she turns up to enlist Renee's help organising it . . . actually she dumps everything on Renee, including her dog. Renee doesn't have positive feelings about marriage after all their mother put her through and she's certainly not looking forward to her turning up, either, but she'll do anything to help Cait.

    When Renee's first love, Luc Hardy, returns to live in his aunt's home next door to Renee will this be a second chance romance for them? Can he help convince her that love doesn't have to be a toxic relationship? How will Renee's Mum turning up impact on their potential HEA?

    This is a story about relationships, expectations, history and dynamics. I definitely thought Cait acted like a spoiled brat and Renee like a resentful doormat for much of the story. Marcus, Renee's Dad is lovely and so is Cait's husband to be. Poor Luc must have felt he was on a roller coaster ride with all the twists and turns his romance with Renee underwent! This is a moving story, definitely not the light hearted second chance romance I'd expected, it is much more about family dynamics and interactions. The setting, West Cove, is beautiful and definitely made me want to visit the beach again soon - lockdown permitting. 

    I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after choosing to read it. Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller Barefoot on the Beach is a second chance romance with family drama. The multilayered plot delves into dysfunctional family dynamics. It explores how children may be affected by the success or failure of their parent's relationship. Renee is anti-marriage because of her mother's influence, even when she meets Luc again, she is wary of falling in love.

    As she plans her sister's wedding, she reacquaints with Luc. Their chances of happy ever are remote in the face of their internal conflicts and past nurturing. The setting is well described and immersive, the perfect wedding location.

    A gently paced story because of Renee's internal analysis of her family relationships and her view of marriage, but the romance is lovely and eventually finds a way to win. Believable, strong characters and simple but effective plotting tell an engaging story of family relationships and love in an iconic New England setting.

    I received a copy of this book from HQ and the author in return for an honest review. Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller


    Recap: Renee's younger sister is getting married and dumps all the organising on Renee's plate. Then her first love reappears and she doesn't know what to do about it.

    Review: I liked the ending and the misunderstanding. I thought the sister relationship and dynamic was great and the sister's friends were portrayed well. Renee came over a bit odd - we kept being told she was so organised and OCD and no fun and then we'd get that she was massively promiscuous and she dropped all her plans just like that so it was hard for me to reconcile that. Dialogue was good and the slow burn between Luc and Renee worked. I came away thinking yeah, that was alright. Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller I have to admit that it took me a good 25-30% before I could connect with this story. I’m not one to admit defeat and given that I loved Katlyn’s Christmas book, Wrapped Up For Christmas, I was left thinking it was going to be a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ scenario.

    But hallelujah (I’m not apologising for being dramatic as I was getting stressed out, lol), as Renee started to open up (metaphorically speaking) on the page my connection to the story developed.

    Families are a funny old thing, aren’t they? Good or bad our upbringings shape us. They can either give us the courage to embrace all that life has to offer or they can inadvertently make us fearful of history repeating itself.

    Renee’s past has taught her that love is a fickle thing and not to be trusted. She has her heart firmly shored up, but is that any way to really live? Luc’s return to West Cove may be the just the shake-up Renee needs.

    Ugh, I have to admit to having a rant or two. Okay, okay – it was more like double figures *palms face*. All directed at Renee. Every time she bit her tongue rather than express her true feelings on a matter, I was there like an angel (read: devil) on her shoulder giving her what for. My very own version of a ‘Come to Laura’ moment *snorts*.

    Coming from someone with vampire-like tendencies, the setting in this story was everything. I could literally feel the sun sinking into my bones and the sand between my toes. Renee’s connection to this special place leapt from the page. It’s where she can leave the stresses of life behind and just be.

    I love how the author isn’t afraid to let her characters embrace their flaws and make mistakes in the pursuit of happiness.

    Life is full of ups and downs, and BOTB reflected that with my initial struggle but ultimately left me with a smile on my face.

    Best of luck, Renee – you got this! Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller This is a lovely escapist read if you want to burrow your head in a book and escape the late Spring rain showers. It's a second chance story as Renee helps to plan her little sister's wedding and tries to juggle everything in her life as well. There are some complicated relationships, especially with her parents and her sister, Cait, who I can admit to losing patience with on several occasions!

    The beachside setting is idyllic and seems part of the whole story. The family pets add quite a bit of humour and there is a nice role reversal with Renee's father, Marcus, skulking around, hiding his own romance from his grown up daughters. Whether Renee can untangle her complicated views on dating and commitments remains to be seen but you do follow her story with interest and wonder what will be the outcome for her future family relationships.

    In short: A beachside escape.

    Thanks to the author for a copy of the book Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller This is the first time I have read anything by this author. Renee only dated men that are leaving so she is not taking the chance of being like her mother. I will admit that the mother was a terrible person, but didn't understand Renee's thought process on dating. I felt that Cait was a very spoiled person. And Renee was a pushover. Her sister arrives early for her wedding, why she is having it in a town she didn't grown up in I still don't understand, and she expects Renee to plan the wedding. I loved Marcus, but didn't understand why he kept his relationship a secret. The nicknames that Cait gave Renee and Jorden would make me smack her. The most enjoyable parts were on the beach. I miss the beach! This was a good read. I felt the ending was rushed. Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller A great book to enjoy whilst relaxing in the sunshine. I loved the location the story was set in and Renee was a character who we got to know more throughout the book.

    There were complicated relationship dynamics and as I read and the story unfolded it became about more than just Cait's wedding that Renee was helping to plan.

    I was so caught up reading that I didn't realise that I was nearing the end so quickly and wanted to spend more time with Renee and her neighbours. A gorgeous light hearted read that left me smiling as I reached the end. Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller