Around the World in 80 Trades By Conor Woodman

    To tell you the truth, I was quite amazed at how easy the trade sounded like in this book since I know it isn't easy. Of course, he told his share of failures, but I would like to learn more about his resourcefulness. 0330467875 I have enjoyed this book so much, it was like I was travelling with him. I think if you want to learn in details about trading, it won't help. But you will learn a simplistic way of the international trading and also enjoy the journey at the same time. 0330467875 Un tres bon livre sur le commerce. L'auteur nous prouve que faire du commerce dans des pays inconnus est possible( mais en étant bien renseigné avant !)
    Une lecture interressante mais une fin un peu brutale tout de meme...
    Un espece de J'irais dormir chez vous du commerce. 0330467875 I saw two or three of the shows on TV. Very enjoyable. Bought the book used for $5 (including shipping). Quick read. Very faithful to the material shown on TV; not informative about how the TV show was negotiated, filmed, edited, and produced. 0330467875 J'ai juste voyagé aux cotés du personnage principal et j'ai adoré ça :D 0330467875

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    Economist Conor Woodman has decided to test his negotiating skills, charm and eye for a bargain against some of the world's oldest trading cultures.

    He's sold his house to finance the trip, but if his hunches are right - trading Sudanese camels for Zambian coffee, coffee for South African red wine and then off to China to buy jade with the proceeds - he'll return six months later with a lot of money, some new friends and a whole raft of brilliant tall tales. Whether trading teak or tea, surfboards or seafood, Conor goes head-to-head with the best operators in the world's most hotly-contested markets. But will years of experience as a business analyst mean anything when he is suspected of being a spy? And can London's financial bear pit prepare him for a horde of vodka-fuelled horse traders on the plains of central Asia?

    Part Undercover Economist, part Apprentice challenge, Around the World in 80 Trades offers an exciting insight into the human story behind the money in our pockets, and reminds us that making a living is about exactly that - living. Around the World in 80 Trades

    I am in relatively new to internationals sales. It drives me buggy when in an overseas deal, particularly in Asia, negotiations can drag on for MONTHS over minute details. I know it is mere posturing for leverage, but I'm used to Wham-Bam USA transactiions: if it takes more than one phone call or an e-mail exchange, something's seriously wrong.

    Woodman assimilates the culture of haggling in this global investigation of ancient business practices. His adventures and misadeventures are quite entertaining, if not occasionally hilarious. I appreciate his wry wit even when he is getting taken to the cleaners. 0330467875 Well the misleading title does not help this book, nothing like 80 trades maybe 10. I think the biggest problem I had with this book though was that as it's a book of a TV series. I think most of the details maybe ended up on the show. I wonder what this book have been like if written by a master like Michael Lewis of Liars Poker fame. It just seems short on detail, maybe some people would have been bored by the struggles to find buyers but surely that was what this whole book was about and the whole thing lacks depth and detail. 0330467875 It was interesting to read how a westerner survives using traditional trading methods and market places. 0330467875 0330467875 One of the most enjoyable and original travel adventure books I've read in a long time. Not only packed with evocative stories from around the world, Maynard has managed to make economics and world trade an inspiring and educational subject.

    Around The World In 80 Trades is a delight to read and would recommend to others. Travel & adventures first, economics lesson second. 0330467875