Android: How to Program By Paul J. Deitel

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    i love so much this one Paul J. Deitel ITE421:Mobile Applications
    Summer A 2012-2013
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    My last course in the bachelor degree. Paul J. Deitel
    This isn't really a reference book, so if that's what you're looking for, I wouldn't recommend this.

    That being said, there's alot of example apps (I didn't actually try any of them - I was looking for a reference book), but they looked pretty cool for example apps, with a good breadth of app types. Paul J. Deitel

    The Deitels' App-Driven, Live Code Approach is simply the best way to master Android programming! The Deitels teach Android programming through sixteen complete, working Android Apps. Each chapter presents new concepts through a single App. The authors first discuss what the App does, show screen shots, test drive the App, and present an overview of the technologies and architecture used to build it. Next, the authors walk through building the App, presenting complete code and providing a detailed Live Code walkthrough. As part of the code walkthrough, they discuss essential programming concepts, and demonstrate the functionality of relevant Android 2.x APIs. Readers will gain hands-on experience with a wide spectrum of essential Android APIs. The book also has an extensive introduction to programming using the Java language, making this book appropriate for Java courses that want to add an app-programming flavor. Android: How to Program