And Ill Tell You No Lies By Anna Fugazzi


    I enjoyed this fanfiction quite a bit. The idea behind the plot was very interessting and I like the writing style of the author. I would have loved to read more, but actually the open ending was well chosen. And Ill Tell You No Lies Not bad but the interrogation setting didn't do much for me. And Ill Tell You No Lies Drarry Auror fic

    Harry and Ron are in Auror training. Draco's in Unspeakable training. For some Unspeakable reason the departments work together on a training exercise in which Harry and Draco pretend to commit a crime, and Ron and another Unspeakable interrogate them under Veritaserum.

    More than Harry intended to comes out, however.

    Great fun.

    Some Favorite Quotes:
    Everyone here is trying to get on with their lives, said Hermione. Move forward. That's what you're doing.
    Am I?
    Yes. It's not quite where we thought you'd move, but... she cleared her throat. You have to admit, it certainly is moving.

    Well you were never particularly good at romance with girls, Harry. There's no reason you should be any better at it with boys.
    And Ill Tell You No Lies Harry and Draco are busy training for their respective careers, and it involved role-playing (and no, not the fun kind!), interogation and copious amounts of veritaserum.

    This story was just okay, and I was bored during some parts. There was no chemistry at all between Harry and Draco, and the one sort of sex scene felt unrealistic and mechanical. Rather read Anna Fugazzi's masterpiece, Bond as it took some aspects of this story and weaved it into fanfic that is really awesome. And Ill Tell You No Lies The part of him that could make sense of anything at all had the fleeting thought that the difference between this and what he'd had with Ginny was like the difference between riding a bicycle and flying - the exhilaration of having a man's body at his fingertips, all firm planes and the scent of Quidditch leather and wind and maleness, the hands running over his body sure and firm and strong... And Ill Tell You No Lies

    Rounded up to 4 stars... 'cause I'm in a happy Drarry mood ^.^ And Ill Tell You No Lies

    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Relationship: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
    It all started with a stupid interrogation. Or: Don't ask a question if you're not prepared to hear the answer

    Word Count: 23,600 complete And Ill Tell You No Lies

    CHARACTERS Û E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Anna Fugazzi