All That Is Unspoken By T. Scott McLeod

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    He’s a lonely waiter. She’s a rich heiress.

    He’s younger, twenty-eight, and she’s a little bit older, but not too much older.

    He doesn't know what he’s doing with his life. He’s lost; he’s been struggling. There is some hole within him, some void, which he knows has everything to do with how he was raised and with the fact that he was adopted. Some deep sense of rejection; of not being wanted. Would he be rejected again, as he was rejected by his biological mother when he was so young? He feels like he carries this within him, a memory from that very early rejection. It makes him fear people, and not let them close. Will they attack me, as his adoptive father was so attacking and critical? Will they reject me, as his biological mother rejected him? This is how he feels, what he fears, about other people. This is why it is hard for him to let people close.

    What does it mean to be intimate?

    What does it mean to be loved, and to love?

    Can he learn to overcome his fears and let someone in close to him, in his life?

    There’s some chemistry there between them, something inexplicable. He knows it, almost immediately it seems, from the first moment she comes in the restaurant. From the first moment he talks with her. She’s beautiful, and engaging, and he can’t help but to feel himself falling into the scary territory of vulnerability; that scary territory of falling in love.

    Can we ever hope to find a permanent and lasting love, or is that just something for fairy tales?

    Thomas McAllister decides to risk everything and bare all of the scary uncertainty and vulnerability of love to find out if he is lovable, and if this woman, Jezebel, might be the one who loves him.

    All That Is Unspoken will draw you into what it means to love, and be loved, leaving you touched, inspired, and surprised by the capacities of the human heart. All That Is Unspoken

    Wow, this story. It's a great story. A spiritual journey. A person seeking something more than the average, the ordinary, and the everyday. And then, boom, it just hits you. This story. You'll be like, wow, so amazed. And along the way, you'll get a slice of a life that is interesting. Very interesting. Thought provoking. Love, family, achievement, how success is so often defined. Sex. It's all in this book. The way life can sometimes serve you a blow that just hits you and sticks with you for a long time, sends you spiraling into some dark hole, and what you can do to get out of it. Fun to read, with some pretty great surprises, and with some great nuggets of life wisdom. Check it out. You will enjoy it, you will probably be surprised, and you will probably also be remind of some of life's greatest truths if not also learn some new ones. 378 Far to self absorbed for my taste. 378