Alien Warlords Conquest: Complete Series (Alien Warlords Conquest, #1-4.5) By Vi Voxley

    Read Alien Warlords Conquest: Complete Series (Alien Warlords Conquest, #1-4.5)

    Nothing can stand between a Corgan warrior and his mate...

    Want Alphas who can't be held back by anything in the galaxy if they've made their choice? The Corgan warlords are made for you then! This anthology includes four full novels from the bestselling Alien Warlord's Conquest series, each following a separate warlord on his quest for justice... and the most maddening woman in the universe! The Corgans are a continuation of the stories told in the Brion Brides series.

    Each book has a happily ever after ending, no cheating and can and should be read as a standalone!

    BONUS! This bundle also includes the bonus short story, Brocke: Meeting the Parents, a sweet and saucy story of what happens when a bride meets the scariest in-laws in the galaxy!

    The boxed set includes:

    Having suffered through the humiliation of a failed mission with the Flora and the Brion menace, Mara and the rest of the Terran Union fighter pilots are hungry to prove themselves. But for Mara, that chance comes in the form of something completely unexpected - Nadar Brengen. The rebel Corgan warlord who won't take no for an answer when he sees something he wants.
    And this time, it's her.

    Daegon has had enough of seeing the Corgan people wither away. Though the new chieftain is the last man he'd trust to lead his kin, dangers that surround the proud warlord lead him to tough decisions. Trust his heart and the little Terran smartmouth who seems to have run off with it, or trust his head and do things the Corgan way.
    By killing everything in sight and taking stock later. Well, maybe there's a way to do both. Get the girl and save the world.

    Soros is more myth than man. The warrior who has trained all the warlords of note, he is feared and respected, lauded and despised in equal measure. Wanting no part in the wars being waged between his own people with the recent upsets in Corgan society, the warlord still finds himself getting swept away in the madness, held at sword-point by one of his own students.
    It only takes one woman for this warlord to realize that he can remain neutral no longer. It only takes one night for him to realize what is at stake - not only the universe, but her safety as well.

    Brocke is the well-kept secret of Corgan society. As the executioner and guard of the Chieftain's private prison, he is what Corgan parents use to scare their kids into behaving, the Guardian. He is the darkness that comes before the light and no nightmare has ever gotten past him. Until now. With Cora's and their unborn child's life is put in danger, only the heartless warlord can be the one to save them both...

    Brocke; Meeting the Parents
    With only a few short months spent together, Brocke already knows that Cora is his mate for life. He feels it as surely as he feels the weight of his swords in his hands. Yet introducing her to his parents, one of them being the Chieftain of the Corgan race, well... Even a fierce warlord is allowed a little bit of trepidation, right? Alien Warlords Conquest: Complete Series (Alien Warlords Conquest, #1-4.5)

    I loved this series!
    It is very worth it to get this collection.
    There is romance, adventure, danger, etc.
    Kudos to Vi Voxley! English Nadar
    Lieutenant mara james was a fighter pilot on a patrol vessel for the galactic union. They are trying to protect the Flora a colony ship wanting to settle on a plant own already with out asking. The captain looks like he wants a war on his hands and gets one.
    On the planet they should not be on Mara comes face to face with their leader. Nadar who now that he has seen Mara has decided she is his.
    Now that the Flora's captain has put them in the middle of war between the galactic union and the corgon's only Nadar can save them
    Awsome I loved it. Action-packed, endless drama, spice and bad guys! Truly a fun adventure!

    Zoey Swann was sent to talk the Cogan into joining the Galactic union. A union most of the Cogan hate.
    She makes it over to the Cogan representative's ship the Wraith and thing are going ok. There is far more attention between the two of them then she had thought possible but the the ship's klaxon goes off.
    Daegon, Lord if the phon clan could not keep his eyes off the women the humans had sent if this was a trick to have him fall for her he would kill them. There really was something special about Terran women because the woman in front of him was stunning. His ships went off reporting that her ship was disstroied and they were under attack.
    New bad guys! The yemalan! Fantastic action and deep story line with wonderful characters. I totally loved it, it your a SyFy fun like me this story is going to make your day and a must add to your SyFy library.

    KAt is a bounty hunter working for the galactic union. She gets a call for a job from zoey Swann, the union's ambassador to the corgons it seem they wanted her to find one of their own, commander soros. He was also the men who had trained the corgon's clan lords to fight but since she was not going to do anything but ask him to talk to the leader of the corgon's
    She took the job.
    Soros was interested in the little human female but until he knew what he wanted to do he was keeping her with him.
    Love the action wow. And the spice is super hot. Great adventure romance.

    Lieutenant Cora Grey is an investigator for the Galactic union on Gaiya. There has been some killings of the Corgon / humans children.
    30 years have passed since his mom ( mara james) and his father (Nadar) had him ( Brocke) and there is a group of Corgon's that don't want those children to live.
    Brocke is fully now and he is a powerful warrior they call the Guardian.
    They are both on the same mission to find the killers. Now that his path has crossed cora's they shall have a path together. He just has a group of people to kill.
    Great story. Full of action and hotness! I love the characters. I was a little surprised by the 30 year jump in time between storylines but it was lots of fun to read what the kids are up to.
    SyFy romance fans are going to love this.

    I don't own the set but I bought each book separate the series is awesome English If you have kindle unlimited this will be a fantastic time to read and get the holy series at once. the whole series was amazing, wonderful twists and turns. each had a fated mate.. the adventure that this aliens and their mate goes on is amazing. I highly recommend it.
    I have read and reviewed all the books one by one. I was given this for a honest review. English Awesome

    Very well written and how the author created a world I was drawn into. Could not put this series down. You had stronger warriors that met there match with terran women. Intrigue, drama suspense sizzling hot sex fanatics and betrayal made for a wonderful series. My hat goes off to this author I would highly recommend this series. English