After The Break By Andrea Joan


    4.5 Andrea Joan 4.5 Stars

    After the Break is Andrea's (Dre to me) debut novel and damn she nailed this one!! You can always tell when a new author either has it or doesn't. And let me tell you, Dre has it. She knows how to draw you in, keep you there and have you never wanting the book to end.

    I will be honest and say that Dre blew me away. I wasn't really sure what to expect from her. I've known Dre for a few years and she's very hilarious and has an over-active imagination. And I love that about her. And I feel that has totally played in her ability to write a very believable and gripping story (along with her amazing writing). After the Break will stick with you days, even weeks after reading it. And it's her unique writing and descriptive words that will captivate you.

    She's the saint and sinner, the devil and the angel, the savior and the one in need of saving.

    After the Break is a story of two broken individuals. Broken in different ways and feel that there is no way to recover and become whole again. My heart actually hurt reading parts of this story. I felt the anger, disgust, self-hatred and terror that Liam goes through. I felt Sky's fear, anxiety and lack of faith in herself. But what I also saw in them both was a light to other. Their beacon.

    You can't stain something that's already dirty.

    The chemistry between these two was like fireworks. NO, they didn't immediately fall for one another (thank you for that) but they gradually earned the other's trust and faith. But that didn't come along without the downfalls. Their story is not easy and breezy. But it's one you want to read - tears, laughter, heartbreak and all.

    Apart we were always strong we just couldn't recognize it. But together, together we are fucking lethal.

    The banter between all the characters is perfect. From Liam and Skylar to Skylar and Win and Noah, even Cass. All their personalities are so different yet blend so well together. And Dre makes it so easy to watch everything unfold. As I said, this story feels so life-like. I was truly blown away by Dre's writing.

    I am no way promoting this book because it's written by someone I am friends with. I want people to read this book because it's very damn good. And for her debut novel, Dre will knock your socks off. I can't wait to see what she brings us in her next book!!

    Andrea Joan She's the saint and sinner, the devil and the angel, the savior and the one in need of saving.

    There are times when I'm left utterly speechless after reading a book. That the instant I've finished, I sit there, completely stunned and captivated with what I just read. Where it leaves you with the belief that you experienced everything the characters did, where your emotions are so caught up with each and every word and feeling expressed, where reality still holds a back seat to the power of a truly astonishing book.

    And that's exactly what happened with After The Break. As I sit here, writing this review, I'm still left speechless. And this book being Andrea Joan's DEBUT...there aren't enough words that I can voice, to genuinely convey my complete and unconditional LOVE for this book! After The Break solidifies Andrea's passion and talent as a remarkable writer. Her words were flawlessly written, and her personality showed throughout the entire story.

    This love story is one I will never forget. The pain and struggles the characters experience are utterly heartbreaking. My poor heart took a beating, weeping it's bloody tears in sadness. And the healing it took was a journey. The trust, faith and love that was needed to become whole again...the same journey these characters went through. That after each wound that healed, you're left just a little bit different...a piece of your soul escapes through the cracks to be left behind with the characters and story.

    After The Break is a breathtaking and dangerously beautiful romance, about two damaged individuals, finding love and acceptance together. This book is an unquestionable must read, and completely wrecked me! 5+ Stars!

    *ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.* Andrea Joan You can't stain something that's already dirty.

    Eleven minutes... That's how long it took for Liam O'Conner's world to come crashing down on him. Going from Pro-boxer to nothing, going from loving to hating. Nothing can make it better, no one can make it better, until her... Skylar.

    Skylar Barrett. Hollywood elite. Beautiful, happy, and ruling the films. Look closer... You can see her demons lurking around the corner. Will a chance meeting and a new bodyguard be the right thing for Skylar?

    Where on earth do I start? I know!!! With Lethal Liam!! I loved everything about him! There were times I wanted to punch him, but understood him. My heart broke for him and I wanted nothing more than for him to be happy.

    I'm filth. I'll stain you. I'm rude, selfish, territorial, possessive. Fucking controlling. I have a quick trigger temper that is practically impossible to control. I'm a fucked-up on my best day. On my worst, I'm completely destructive.

    Skylar was broken, my heart broke for her as well. at times I was laughing because of her spunk and others I wanted to cry with her.

    Two very broken characters coming together and trying to put each others pieces back together is not easy by any means and I think Andrea Joan did an amazing job with this story. The writing was fantastic, the story flowed so well, and did I mention I LOVE LIAM!!!!

    ~Alison Andrea Joan Holy shit have I been living under a rock or something? This book was amazing! I loved it so much I can't even begin to describe it! A must read that will destroy you!! Andrea Joan

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    Ten years I trained to be the best boxer there is. I had fighters blood pumping through my veins and I was a lethal opponent. One to be feared. Twelve years I spent with my first love, we were childhood sweethearts and I was ready to make her my wife. My brother would have been my best man, his wife would have been her maid of honor.
    11 minutes 13 seconds.
    That was all the time it took to rip my fucking world apart.

    I. Am. Broken.

    And not the kind of broken that can be fucking fixed. Ever. I will always be imprisoned in a darkness I can never fully escape from. Infected with a disease that can never be cured.
    Every fucking day I struggle to survive. I've not felt alive until now.
    Until her.
    Skylar fucking Barrett.
    She is an actress, a millionaire, every man’s wet dream. On the surface she has everything; wants for nothing. But I see what lies beneath her facade. She walks a fine line between the dark and the light. She’s a sinner and a savior. And she has chosen me. She needs my protection and I. Need. Her.
    I know I can protect her.
    I know I can destroy her.
    She is my redemption. My destruction.
    But she is mine.
    Even if it ruins us both. After The Break

    I waffled between 3 and 4 and settled on 4 because I liked the premise and the end.

    I might go in for Shay and Cass, might not.

    Haven't decided yet, which is a lot like how this book left me feeling.

    Entirely unsure around the 50-60% mark, a little irritated for the first half of the entire book, but generally satisfied with the end.

    So, yeah.

    That's about all.

    Edit: Nope, you know what, I will add this - if you're going to use mental illness as a last minute throw in plot device, then do so with respect and dignity. It is the very least an author can do. I think some people thought I was going to like this for ~reasons~ related to the disorder aspect of the heroine, and if anything, I figured it out early on because of the ignorant way everyone kept referring to it, and it was only made worse by how it was treated after the fact when it was all out in the open. I mean, we can't even call a hypomanic stage or mania what it is, apparently, we have to use another word entirely for it. I don't know, maybe that makes it sound less ... whatever, I guess.

    Over all, I could have dealt with the childishness of the MC's given their life experiences and whatever else, but uh, the whole disorder aspect for the heroine could have been handled better, and not just as a last minute thing we use to show the hero loves her ~so much~ that he'll stay with her despite of this. Because when you don't show any care or attention to a mental heath disorder in a book other than to just toss it in, and say, all good, that's how it feels.

    Yep. K, that's all. Andrea Joan Super proud of Dre and think her debut is so very much her, and also and excellent read ♡ Andrea Joan I'm filth. I'll stain you. I'm rude, selfish, territorial, possessive. Fucking controlling. I have a quick trigger temper that is practically impossible to control. I'm a fuck up on my best day, on my worst, I'm completely destructive.

    Is this supposed to be someone I want to have snuggles with? Because he honestly sounds like my worst nightmare. Andrea Joan 2.5 Stars

    Overall Opinion: I think I really wanted to like this one so I stuck with it, but I should've listened to my gut and added it to my dnf shelf. I think the premise and overall idea of the story was good, but the execution just wasn't there. I never fully connected with the characters. While I felt bad for their circumstances, I never got that feeling of wanting to root for them. There was also a lot of dramatic stuff going on that never got fully addressed and didn't give me that feeling of closure in the end. I'm not sure if this is the author's first book, but I do see potential in their writing and I think with some growth and tweaking they could become a great storyteller.

    Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Skylar and Liam's story. They meet in Liam's dad's bar one night at a wrap up party for a movie that Skylar was in. There is some violence that goes down with both Skylar and Liam in the middle, and Skylar ends up offering Liam a job as her new bodyguard back in LA. They dance around their attraction for a while, but eventually give in and start a romantic relationship. There is some family and friend drama, some big secrets revealed, some sexy times...and they get a HFN ending.

    POV: This alternated between Skylar and Liam's POV.

    Overall Pace of Story: Not that great. It was close to 400 pages in my kindle app, and I think it could've easily been edited down. It often felt slow and I was easily distracted. I did skim some towards the end because I really wanted to just finish it.

    Instalove: No. Instalust? Yes.

    H rating: 3 stars. Liam. He was ok. I thought he was a little OTT at times with his possessive and protective behavior, but I also understood it -- I just never really connected with his character.

    h rating: 3 stars. Skylar. She was ok. She was dealt a bad hand with her parents, and I felt bad for her circumstances-- but I never fully connected with her either.

    Sadness level: Low, no tissues needed

    Push/Pull: Yes

    Heat level: Good. They have some good tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story. Erotic asphyxiation play in one scene.

    Descriptive sex: Yes

    Safe sex: Not really

    OW/OM drama: Yes

    Sex scene with OW or OM: Yes

    Cheating: No

    Separation: Yes

    Possible Triggers: Yes - BIG spoilers here, so beware ;)

    Closure: This didn't have enough closure for me. I had a lot of unanswered questions that weren't addressed. I would call it a HFN ending .

    How I got it: I got it on loan through and Amazon.

    Safety: This one should be either Safe with exception or Not Safe for most safety gang readers depending on personal preferences.
    Andrea Joan

    A story of two broken people who help each other to be a little less broken.

    Liam and Skylar meet on Orca Island. Sky just finished wrapping up a movie and is celebrating with the cast at a local bar. That is where she meets Liam and they instantly connect. The chemistry between the two characters was perfect and I was hooked from the very beginning!

    Andrea has a way with words that is just breath taking. I am just in love with her work!!

    I loved skylar but at the same time there was moments where I just wanted to shake her and say wake the fuck up!!!!!!! Then again I saw a lot of myself in her! She was flawed but always had good intentions, quirky and fun and most importantly kind to the very core!

    Their relationship was so sweet and beautiful It was real. They fought, they made up and they healed. He helped her see that she was actually worth something other than a pay check. She helped him see past all the anger and gave him some light!

    Even in the most intense scenes Skylar still managed to make me laugh! Her humour and personality was so enjoyable, she was sassy and had a big mouth but I loved her! The issues she had were something I didn't expect in the beginning but as I read more throughout the book I could see where the author was headed. The story was beautifully written and I can tell that the author cares for the characters and how they were portrayed, they were well thought out and and many different layers to them!

    Andrea Joan