A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie Peanut Johnson By Michelle Y. Green

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    Mamie Johnson looks the batter in the eye. Sizes him up for a curve- or a fastball. Stretches her 5'2 frame. And pops a surefire, windup, coming-right-at-ya pitch smack dab over the plate. One that lets the batter know that this peanut of a girl means business. Fueled by her passion for the game and buoyed by the inspiration of Jackie Robinson, Mamie Johnson is determined to be a professional baseball pitcher. From the time she insists on trying out for the all-male all-white Police Athletic League team until she becomes one of only three women to play in the Negro Leagues, this biography of Mamie Johnson's life shows that courage-and a fierce curveball-can make a childhood dream come true. Illustrated with nineteen black-and-white photographs. A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie Peanut Johnson

    Michelle Y. Green's book A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie Peanut Johnson is a well written and well researched book about Johnson's life and career in baseball. Johnson was one of three African American women who played in the Negro leagues. Toni Stone and Connie Morgan were the other two women who played in the Negro leagues.

    The major theme of the book is the importance of perseverance. Johnson was initially denied an opportunity to play baseball because of her skin color and gender, but she persevered and learned the game of baseball and eventually played in the negro leagues. In addition to perseverance, there are other themes that are addressed in the book. Themes such as courage; family; hard work; self confidence; teamwork and community are addressed in the book.

    The book is written from the first person point of view, with Johnson speaking like it is her autobiography. Green wrote the book, but it is written as though it is Johnson's autobiography.

    The setting is in Washington D.C. and Indianapolis, Indiana. Johnson grew up in Washington D.C. and she played baseball for the Indianapolis Clowns.

    The overall mood of the book is hopeful and positive. The book has a positive and hopeful tone that teaches the reader the importance of perseverance and the need to have courage during difficult moments.

    Green did a good job of writing about the influences on Johnson's life and career.

    I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in Johnson's inspirational life. This is also a good book for any young person to read independently. Additionally, a parent could read this book to one's son or daughter. Finally, I would recommend this book to any teacher who reads to his or her students during an interactive read aloud. 9780803726611 The author is a true baseball fan, and lives in Maryland where one day she happened to meet Mamie Johnson in a shop that sells merchandise representing the glorious history of the Negro Leagues. Mamie was one of three African American women who played professionally in the Negro Leagues. She was a pitcher with the Indianapolis Clowns, and amazing despite being only 5 feet 2.

    The book is written in the voice of Mamie who tells her story from childhood through the time her short career from 1953-1955 when the Negro Leagues were on the way to folding. There are nice details of a few games where Mamie displays her strategy to win. She is an engaging woman who lived from a young age only to play baseball and succeeded against the odds of dual discrimination against women and African Americans.

    This is a short book of just over 100 pages. While some writers will take a biography and inflate it with baseball lore and history, Green chose to write a book for young readers and stick to Mamie's story. I would have liked to know about Mamie, but this was an enjoyable and enlightening read. Mamie Johnson passed away in December, 2017. 9780803726611 The story of Mamie “Peanut” Johnson and her dream of playing professional baseball. An inspiring story for kids, about confidence, determination, and hard work. The elements of racism and Jim Crow are handled honestly and accurately, but don’t overwhelm the basic story of a girl on a mission to prove that she can do something that others say she can’t.

    After her three year career in the Negro Leagues, she earned a degree in nursing and worked for thirty years in that field. Sadly, she died just a month ago, at the age of 83. 9780803726611 A really good book talking about discrimination and differences of barriers Mamie took in the book 9780803726611 I read this book with my 5th grade class and they loved it as did I. More Americans should know the Inspiring story of Mamie “Peanut” Johnson who was one of three women to play baseball with the men in the Negro Leagues. This book is full of delights- Satchel Paige taught her how to throw a curve ball. It is also filled with sobering information about what it was like to have two disadvantages (to be both black and female) in the days before Jim Crow came to an end. Mamie, however, uses every tool to her advantage: “They never saw me coming.” I cannot recommend this book enough for anyone who has a heart. 9780803726611

    Disclaimer: Mamie Peanut Johnson was a distant relative, though we never met her, of my husband and children. This is a quick read and seemed to hold the attention of my 9- and 7-year-old daughters well. 9780803726611 I read this to my fifth grade class to tie into our studies of Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball. It was interesting for our purposes and helped us further understand what it was like to live during these decades in America, but I’m not sure my students would have enjoyed it as independent reading given that it’s more of a series of smaller events rather than one overarching storyline. 9780803726611 The author did a fantastic job of ghostwriting for Mamie. I loved hearing Mamie's voice shine through.

    At the same time, though the details person in me wanted more specifics. I often found myself confused by the timeline in conjunction with the photos. It would show a photo saying it was circa x year but then the main text wouldn't tell me what year those things were happening - at least, not very often.

    Otherwise though, I liked learning the little-known story of one of three women to play professional baseball in a men's league. 9780803726611 This was the best book I could have read over summer vacation! It had humor and colloquialisms. It was an interesting historical conveyance of a female National Negro League Baseball player who reminds me of the show, Pitch. https://www.imdb.com/video/vi30493706.... I wouldn't be surprised if the people who developed that 2016 Fox series read this book too! 9780803726611 This is a great example to use for talking about voice, as the narrator uses specific language and inflection to tell her story. It is also a good historical novel/ biography, with real pictures from Mamie's life. I would use it as a read aloud. 9780803726611