A Son for Always (An Amish Cradle) By Amy Clipston

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    I stumbled across this book while purchasing book four in the Lancaster grand hotel series. I began reading the fourth book and realized although not in the series this book should be read before book four because when you read book four it talks about the infant this book talks about the pregnancy and the birth of the infant (I don’t want to give anything away so I am being vague) . With all that said and done another great novel by Amy Clipston. ebook Nice! ebook This is connecting to ‘A Mother’s Secret’ from the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel and it was really nice seeing the couple from that book again, this time as a married couple.

    I don’t know how Amy Clipston does it, but despite being around 100 pages long, her novellas are well developed. I find that the majority of novellas are rushed and not flushed out, but hers are not.

    ebook Heartfelt story of Carolyn and Joshua. Carolyn had a son at an early age Nd was solely responsible for him and carries this burden into her marriage.
    She and Joshua have. Babe of their own but Carolyn still feels the burden to provide for her son by returning to work.
    Joshua proves his life by inviting Benjamin, Carolyn’s son to formally join the family business. A lovely story. ebook I haven't read much of Amy Clipston's work but the more I read from her, the more I enjoy her storytelling. Once I started reading A Son for Always, I quickly realized this novella must be a continuation of her Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel series which I haven't read yet (but I have them on my kindle waiting). While I wished I read some of that series beforehand, you don't really need to in order to get into this story. I never felt I didn't know these characters or what happened to them, there's enough info sprinkled out that you get the gist of it. I liked the characters of of Carolyn and Josh, happily married and awaiting the birth of their first child. This is a sweet story, but it's a tad repitive. Carolyn's worries and repeats her worries constantly in every chapter and nothing gets resolved until the last page. Okay I get it, let's move forward a bit quicker shall we, especially when the outcome is so easy to see. I totally understood Carolyn's worries, I just wished it wasn't so drawn out. I did enjoy reading A Son for Always and I'm really looking forward to getting into the Grand Hotel Series, and Carolyn's story in the second book of the series A Mother's Secret. ebook

    Carolyn and Joshua are thrilled to be pregnant with their first child together. Carolyn was just a teenager when she had her son, Benjamin, and she still feels solely responsible to secure his future. As Joshua watches Carolyn struggle to accept his support, he knows he has to find some way to convince her that she--and Ben--will always be taken care of. A Son for Always (An Amish Cradle)


    I was so excited to read An Amish Cradle. This is a great book by four very talented writers with four very different short stories.

    In His Father's Arm's by Beth Wiseman leads off the stories in the book. Ruth Anne has spent her whole life just wanting to be a mama. When her son is born with Down syndrome her life is turned upside down. Having two special needs kids I really connected with Ruth Anne. I think I cried through a good part of the story. Ruth Anne struggles to find peace and a place for her and her child. She meets unexpected friends along the way and finds strength she didn't know she had. Beth Wiseman did an amazing job with this story and I would have to say this is my favorite one she has written.

    A Son for Always by Amy Clipston is the second story. Carolyn became pregnant out of wedlock with her first child, Benjamin. She has worked hard her whole life to make sure that he is supported. When she married Joshua and they found out she was expecting she is very unsure that her husband has room in his heart for her first son. She worries and worries because that is what moms do. I loved how this story showed that even in the Amish world they still have problems and are not perfect people. The characters were easy to relate to and a really great read!

    A Heart Full of Love by Kathleen Fuller comes next. Ellie became blind in an accident many years ago. When she becomes pregnant her mom, who is already incredibly hovering, kicks into high gear. She insists her daughter can't handle twins and moves in. The tensions rise and it becomes a battle ground. I rooted for Ellie when she stood up for herself. But finding out the reason why her mom couldn't cut the apron strings was heartbreaking. Another home run in this book.

    An Unexpected Blessing by Vannetta Chapman is the last short story in the book. Etta thought she was finished having children, but God had other plans. She finds herself pregnant at 42. She is missing her son David, who has left the community and also worried about the future of her farm. Will she ever find peace and be reunited with her son? This story was a great end to a really good book.

    An Amish Cradle was a fantastic read with four very talented writers. Pick up, or check out this book! You'll be glad you did! ebook I really liked this short story. I like how it tied into Amys Lancaster hotel series. ebook This is a sweet story about how love triumphs. I liked the story between the main characters. It was a nice story. It also was about forgiveness since the main character had to learn to forgive herself to move on in her life. The story has memorable characters and I will not forget them soon. I would recommend it to others who enjoy stories like these. ebook About this book:

    “Carolyn and Joshua are thrilled to be pregnant with their first child together. Carolyn was just a teenager when she had her son, Benjamin, and she still feels solely responsible to secure his future. As Joshua watches Carolyn struggle to accept his support, he knows he has to find some way to convince her that she and Ben will always be taken care of.”

    Spiritual Content- Prayers; A Scriptures is quoted; Talks about God being in control & being forgiven; ‘H’s are capital when referring to God.

    Negative Content- N/A

    Sexual Content- Married couples kiss; A baby is born (not-detailed); Mentions of nursing; Carolyn had Ben when she was 16 (all that’s said is “She had given in to the pressures of her then boyfriend and found herself pregnant and alone.”)

    -Carolyn Glick
    -Joshua Glick

    P.O.V. switches between them
    96 pages

    Pre Teens- One Star
    New Teens- Two Stars
    Early High School Teens- Three Stars
    Older High School Teens- Four Stars
    My personal Rating- Four Stars

    “A Son for Always” by Amy Clipston – Yay! I get to see Carolyn & Joshua & Ben again! Connected to “A Mother’s Secret” a full length story, it was nice to “see” them again...even if I can’t relate to the storyline.

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