A Practical Guide for Building Wealth By Kevin J. Daniels

    Kevin J. Daniels Õ 7 Summary

    Were you raised in a typical homewhere your family struggled just topay the bills each month?Do you desire a better, more securefuture without becoming a financialexpert?Do you find that time slipping awayand you know you need to fundretirement but are unsure where tostart?Do you feel like there is an overload offinancial information, but you justneed simple, practical ideas forgrowing wealth?A Practical Guide For Building Wealthis a simple straight-forward handbookon how to think differently aboutmoney. Kevin Daniels has compiledstories from decades of financialmeetings and has identified trends thatare summarized here to help you graspthe basics of what the wealthy havelearned and are using to generate andgrow their wealth.You may find that you chuckle whenyou realize how closely theseillustrations mirror your own life, butnow you can have a clear path tojump-start your monetary future. A Practical Guide for Building Wealth