A Mind for Pool: How to Master the Mental Game By Philip B. Capelle

    I am a nearly everyday pool player. Pool is ground zero for me. I have lost and gained many relationships because of my passion. But, since I've only played seriously for a year, I still am a true student of the game. I examine each book and video I find thoroughly from Paperback We recently bought this book at the BCA North American Pool Tournament held in Las Vegas. It was actually sold out the second day there and we had to order it to be shipped to us. Received it just recently and it is so sensible and 'down to earth' in the approach of why Paperback a great analysis of the mental side of pool. Lots of information on the competitve side of pool: how to gear up, dealing with slumps and streaks, etc. Just as important, he emphasizes that pool should be enjoyable, whatever one's manner of enjoyment might be, from very Paperback Bought this book as a gift for my Daughter, an AVID pool playershe loved it. Said she learned a lot from it and it really helped her with her game. Paperback I've got an eye for detail and a bod for sin. Now, after reading this new book, I've got a mind for pool! I am truly on my way to mastering this game! See you on ESPN! Thanks, Phil! Paperback

    Characters A Mind for Pool: How to Master the Mental Game

    Pool is largely a mental game So if you want to realise your full potential, you have got to eliminate the mental mistakes that are holding you back A Mind for Pool will show you how to think pool like a champion In the process you will learn how to play under pressure handle troublesome opponents concentrate fully on every shot overcome anger adapt to the playing conditions complete successfully in leagues, tournaments, and money games evaluate and improve your game have muchfun experience a quantum leap in your game A Mind for Pool: How to Master the Mental Game