A Hypnotic Suggestion By Allison Jones

    Michael Friedan was found murdered in his South Carolina home holding evidence that his daughter's husband was cheating on her. A murder, a motive and an arrest-it should have been a simple case...but it wasn't. Enter Dr. Susan Kemper, psychologist and forensic hypnotherapist. Susan's domineering husband doesn't want her on this case and the lead detective considers her methods laughable. In fact, the only person who wants her there is Tom Danford, the criminal attorney attempting to prove that his client is not the killer. Susan has a knack for investigative work and her unconventional hypnotherapy technique might just be the key to unraveling this mystery. However, the deeper she delves into the case, the more her marriage deteriorates. With the help of Susan's unorthodox methods, connections begin to form between the many scattered clues, revealing a trail of theft, corruption, adultery and murder. Susan has long hidden her unique ability to enter a hypnotized state with witnesses, but as the investigation builds to a peak, how much longer can she conceal this gift and her feelings from the compelling attorney Tom Danford? Author Bio: Author Allison Jones is a forensic hypnotherapist and college professor living in the Southeast. She has conducted several parapsychological research studies and published a number of nonfiction articles as well as a book on the subject. A new book in which Dr. Susan Kemper must solve the murder of a famous parapsychologist on the brink of a major scientific discovery is in the works. A Hypnotic Suggestion

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