A Husband for the Taking By Amanda Browning

    Note to self: Hero is engaged to heroine's sister. The night he was in an accident, he pushes the h's sister out of the way and hurts himself. 9780263801712 Tasha and Chase
    One of my favourite stories! Tasha was called to the hospital. Her identical twin sister and fiance where in a accident. There, she finds out her sister had sustained minor injuries and had decided to leave her fiance after the doctors predicted he may never walk again. Shocked, and not wanting to leaving him alone while waiting for his family she decides to stay. When she sees him is love at first sight. Never mind that he is unconscious and covered with tubes and bandages. When he finally wakes up she is mistaken by her twin sister but doesn't correct him. Fast forward, she is married and pregnant when her husband, Chase, finally finds out her deceit and her whole life implodes. Great plot, likeable characters. Highly recommended 9780263801712 Al decir que amas inmensamente a alguien es igual a decir que odias inmensamente a alguien, eso es lo que aprendí de esta historia cuando amas le das todo, la haces feliz inmensamente, y cuando odias, destruyes todo, lastimas inmensamente, horrible... 9780263801712 Disclaimer: I received no compensation from the author or publisher for this honest review.

    I love twin stories and this one had a little bit of twist. You have a set of identical twins with very, and I do mean, VERY different personalities.

    I really like Natasha for being so grounded and so caring. I didn't like her selfish twin Natalia at all. Chase was a very likeable, if sometimes, aggravating man. But I can't blame him, especially after he discovers the truth.

    Would I recommend this book? Yes, because sometimes I like sweet and nice. 9780263801712 Me recordó a la novela la usurpadora 🙏🏽, estuvo bueno el drama 9780263801712

    A daring deception...

    This time Natasha Larsen's identical twin sister has gone too far. She's abandoned her fiance, Chase Calder, while he's recovering from an accident! So what else can Natasha do but stay by Chase's bedside?

    Only, now Chase thinks Natasha is his fiancee, and when he recovers, he's determined to go through with the wedding! Natasha knows she should tell Chase the truth--but she's fallen in love with him. How can she resist marrying him? A Husband for the Taking

    Muy, muy buena. Una historia que habla al corazón con toda la clase de sentimientos que una persona puede tener hacia otra. Aunque haya unos momentos aburridos, otros en que tienes ganas de pegar a Chase, por lo todo la encontré maravillosa. Una historia sencilla porque el amor es sencillo. 9780263801712 Worth reading if you want an epic grovel. Otherwise, it's pretty average. 9780263801712 Linda historia, ligera y entretenida. 9780263801712 Not in the mood for deception 9780263801712 Protagonistas: Natasha & Chase

    Profesiones: Abogados

    Pais: USA 9780263801712


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