30 Days in Italy: True Stories of Escape to the Good Life By James OReilly

    With its wealth of natural attractions, pervasive sense of history, brilliant cuisine and wines, and warm and inviting people, Italy has always held a special place in the hearts of travelers. But Italy offers so much more than its must-see attractions. In this exciting collection, captivating storytellers reveal the possibilities of a long-term stay, covering both the much-loved sites and lesser-known places that unveil the country’s heart and soul. Learn what it’s like to live with a rural Italian family. Be led behind the scenes of the artisan studios in Florence. Meet Frances Mayes in Cortona and a godfather in Sicily. Discover the glories of a meal that is “only fish” in a Mediterranean village. With its story-a-day format, 30 Days in Italy creates a compelling composite portrait of the distinctive pleasures of this enchanting country. 30 Days in Italy: True Stories of Escape to the Good Life

    Contributed chapter: “Mani di Velluto (Rome).” 1932361421 Doug Lansky was hilarious. Taras Grescoe's perfectly describes the honey-hued light of a Roman sunset. 1932361421


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