18 No Time to Waste By Margaret Johnson

    I read this book for the first time when I was about 9 years old as it was one on my mom's bookshelf. I have read it many, many more times over the years. Heartbreaking and touching, this was a beautifully written tribute to the author's daughter. Paperback I read this book either in Jr. High or High-school. I remember I loved it. It's a true story that a mom tells about her daughters tragedy. I might have given it a 5 if I had read it recently. But that was a while ago! Paperback

    18 No Time to Waste

    Es un libro muy hermoso, aún que me hubiera encantado leerlo cuando estaba entre los 15 y 18, siento que lo hubiera valorado más, no sé.
    Igual es un libro que te deja una tremenda enseñanza y bueno, supongo que hay dos temas principales que son: Jesús y lo corta que es la vida. Paperback Kathi Johnson told her high school friends about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Upon her death in a car accident much of what she had spoken was seen by them in a different light.

    Dying at age 18 on the way home from Missions Camp, caused Kathi's peers to re-consider the brevity of life and the beauty of Christ.

    Some appreciated Kathi's witness for Jesus much more after she was gone.

    It can be said that Kathi never made it to the mission field. But in her life and death, she brought a number of friends to her Savior right at home in California. I call that a beautiful mission! Paperback A mother shares her story about her daughter Kathi, who was so full of energy and so committed in her relationship to Jesus. Kathi wanted to tell everyone about salvation in Jesus and wanted to become a missionary. Kathi and two others are killed in a car accident, but that was an impetus for many to realize the message of salvation that Kathi had shared with them. It is an inspiring story. Paperback I read this one when I was in Jr High School.... Somewhere along the way the book got lost and I'm searching for another copy. I absolutely Loved this story. I think it's a good read for any young teen. Paperback This is such a good book. My mom got it for me to read and I didnt really want to read it, but it was totally worth it. I definitely recommend it. This book definitely shows that God has a plan even if it might not be what you expect. Paperback


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